Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"we're at the point where that's no longer possible"

But the budget cuts that took effect July 1 caused the department to drop from 10 on-duty firefighters to nine. Three firefighters are left in the King Street station on a fire engine, but everyone else has been moved into the downtown station, which, Allen said, has caused problems already. 
"Am I concerned? Absolutely. I continue to advocate the best system is an ambulance and an engine in each fire station," Fire Chief Gary McCarraher said at the Sept. 14 Town Council meeting. "We can't afford that right now, and we're doing the best we can with what we've got." 
At that meeting, McCarraher said response times could be delayed, but he does not have conclusive evidence yet after going through less than two months of data. 
"The simple, brass tacks are we have been cut year after year," Allen said. "We need the public to know that we are having a difficult time helping them."

Read more: http://www.milforddailynews.com/archive/x1656492907/Franklin-Fire-Department-says-cuts-hurting-response-time#ixzz1Z92lJpVR

How hungry are you?

How much do you know about hunger in America? Take Feeding America's hunger quiz to get more information on the issue.

"We will put those numbers out to the public as soon as they're available"

"I think it's a really well thought-out and efficient design," said Sabolinski, adding that the building will also save money in heating bills and other operational costs. "We're not building something just for today. I think it's very utilitarian and it ... will also stand the test of time." 
The first suggestion the School Building Committee gave was that space, including larger classrooms, be added throughout the design, since Whitman-Hanson has 1,350 students, and Franklin has 1,650. 
The School Building Committee-approved modification that received the most discussion was the gymnasium, which would replace the current field house. The field house is 30,000 square feet, Ai3 principal architect Scott Dunlap said, although it has only 22,000 square feet of usable space. The gymnasium in the proposed new school could have 23,000 square feet of usable space.

Read more: http://www.milforddailynews.com/archive/x1656492899/Franklin-committee-makes-new-high-school-design-its-own#ixzz1Z90wD2rA

Franklin, Marlborough charter schools earn MCAS kudos

"Benjamin Franklin Classical in Franklin was noted for its Grade 8 English scores."

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Franklin and Marlborough charter schools are among the 15 charter public schools ranked Number 1 in the state on various 2011 MCAS tests, according to the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education data released today.

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Senate Adopts Spilka's Amendments to Protect Local Communities


(BOSTON) – The Senate began debating the bill to expand gaming in the Commonwealth and during today's session, two of Senator Karen Spilka's (D-Ashland) amendments aimed at strengthening safeguards and providing additional protections for surrounding communities were adopted.

"I have filed these amendments to make sure the needs of surrounding communities are better addressed and understood so we can have the best possible outcome for our towns, our residents, and the Commonwealth as a whole," said Spilka. "And as the debate continues, I will continue to fight to protect and support my district's residents, communities, neighborhoods, and local businesses."

The first amendment adopted makes clear that the initial studies an applicant is required to provide to the Gaming Commission would not be deemed to prevent the need for corresponding studies and reports prepared for host or surrounding communities. Host and surrounding communities will be significantly impacted and this amendment ensures that a municipality has the ability to receive additional studies on these impacts from the Commission or gaming applicant that they need to fairly negotiate agreements.

The second amendment adopted authorizes the Commission to provide for reasonable costs of negotiating agreements between municipalities and applicants – the Commission may require applicants to pay these costs. Since the negotiation process can be burdensome, complex, and expensive for host and surrounding communities, this will give them the tools they need to ensure effective and fair representation.

Spilka has already fought hard to include protections for communities that find themselves impacted by another community's choice to host a gambling facility in the current version of the bill. After hearing from and discussing this issue with many of her constituents and local officials, Spilka submitted amendments to strengthen these community safeguards and ensure that surrounding communities and the public are involved in the entire process.
Highlights of Additional Amendments filed by Senator Spilka:

·         Changing the definition of "surrounding communities" to ensure fairness to all impacted communities and to give them a seat at the table during the process;
·         Giving surrounding communities and substantially impacted communities the ability to vote – not just host communities;
·         Ensuring public sentiment is taken into consideration by requiring the Gaming Commission to consider the public support or opposition in the host and surrounding communities;
·         Increasing surrounding community involvement in the long term mitigation process by allowing each Local Community Mitigation Advisory Committee to appoint one member to the Subcommittee on Community Mitigation – which currently only has representatives from the host communities;

"Working on my constituents' behalf to further strengthen our communities is the reason I get up in the morning and their priorities come first," said Spilka. "These amendments were submitted with the needs and concerns of my constituents foremost in my mind."

The Senate will resume debate Tuesday, September 27th in the afternoon.

Franklin to be sprayed for mosquitoes tomorrow

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Areas of Franklin, Dedham and Milton will be sprayed for mosquitoes tomorrow, the Norfolk County Mosquito Control Project has announced.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Franklin's Express Line

The Franklin, MA "Express Line" has updates on the high school building project, the election races for Nov 8th, and the DPW recycling program:

Express Line Volume 2, Issue 5 - 9/22/11

Note: Email subscribers will need to click through to Franklin Matters to view the document

Franklin Food Pantry - Fall Update

Fall is here and we have many invitations to share with you…

Whole Foods Market in Bellingham will be having its last Farmers Market of the season on Monday, September 26th from 4pm – 7pm.  Whole Foods has generously offered to donate all of the proceeds from the outdoor grill station to the Franklin Community Garden!  So please consider grabbing dinner at the Farmers Market grill outside Whole Foods in Bellingham on Monday night.

Visit us at our booth at the Franklin Downtown Partnership Harvest Festival on Sunday, October 2nd from 11am - 4pm.  Our booth will be located in the Berry Insurance lot.  The Harvest Festival is a fun community event filled with great music, over 100 crafters, farmers market, children's activities and more.

Food donations for the Franklin Food Pantry will be accepted at the Franklin Library's semi-annual book sale held on Friday, October 14th from 4pm – 7pm and Saturday, October 15th from 9am – 4pm at the Franklin DPW Garage, Public Service Way off Hayward Street. Please consider donating from our current needs list below.

Food donations for the Franklin Food Pantry will also be accepted at the Franklin Newcomers Craft Fair on Saturday, November 12th from 9am – 4pm at Tri-County High School, 147 Pond Street. Please consider donating from our current needs list below.

Thanks to the generosity of our community, we distributed more than 12,000 bags to more than 850 neighbors this past year, an increase of 26 percent. We received more than 83,000 lbs of donations from our community and picked up over 48,000 lbs from the Greater Boston Food Bank to help fill our shelves this past year. We distributed over 115,000 lbs during more than 6,300 visits, averaging 42 new clients each month. We are grateful for the 300+ volunteers who joined us to help us sort, check dates and stock our shelves with these community donations. 

Good food nourishes the body and the spirit. With regular, nutritious meals, we are free to grow, to think, to smile, to live. We aim to provide our clients with a wide range of opportunities for gaining access to local, fresh, nutritious food choices. Our first annual phone-a-thon successfully generated over $11,000 to help us increase our nutritious offerings. A Big Thank You to all of our Franklin neighbors for your support! 

We purchased 10 CSA Shares from Grateful Farm in Franklin and distributed free, fresh, local produce to clients every Saturday morning at the Pantry from 8am – 9am. 

Our Giving Garden located at the King Street Memorial Park Community Gardens is growing strong thanks to a wonderful team of volunteers. 

We are inviting all backyard gardeners to share any excess backyard produce with the Franklin Food Pantry through our Plant a Row program. Produce can be dropped off at the Pantry Tuesday thru Friday 9am – 1pm or Saturday mornings between 7:30 – 8am. 

Thanks to a grant received from the MetroWest Community Health Care Foundation, we launched our Produce Points program at the Franklin Farmers Market on the Town Common every Friday from 12noon – 6pm through October 28th. If you know anyone who is receiving food stamps, please spread the word that we are doubling their money to spend at the Franklin Farmers Market every Friday. (i.e. if they want to spend $5 of SNAP benefits, we give them $10 to spend at the Market). Visit the Produce Points table at the Franklin Farmers Market to learn more.

Consider donating an item from our Fall Needs list below.  Donations can be dropped off at the Food Pantry (in Rockland Trust parking lot) Tuesdays - Fridays between 9am and 1pm or placed in our collection bin on our front porch anytime.  
If you prefer to write a check or donate online, remember our relationship with the Greater Boston Food Bank stretches monetary donations much further; $20 can provide up to 100 meals!  Every tax deductible donation helps us support more than 850 neighbors throughout the year.

Health and Beauty Products - Shampoo, Soap, Deodorant, Razors etc.
Cleaning Products - Laundry, Dishwasher, All Purpose etc.
Paper Products - Toilet Paper, Kleenex, Paper Towels, Feminine etc.
Baked Beans / Dry Beans
Baking Mixes / Flour / Sugar
Canned Meat / Fish
Canned Pasta (chef boyardeeish)
Coffee / Tea
Flavored Rice and/or Pasta Side mixes
Soups / Stews / Broths
Spices / Seasonings
Fresh and Frozen Produce always welcome

September and October Volunteer opportunities:
Friday, Sept 23rd     3pm - 6pm (@ Franklin Farmers Market on Town Common)
Friday, Sept 30th     3pm - 6pm (@ Franklin Farmers Market on Town Common)
Wednesday, Oct 5th   1pm - 2pm (@ Food Pantry)
Friday, Oct 7th     3pm - 6pm (@ Franklin Farmers Market on Town Common)
Friday, Oct 14th    3pm - 6pm (@ Franklin Farmers Market on Town Common)
Wednesday, Oct 19th    11am - 12noon  (@ Food Pantry)
Friday, Oct 21st    3pm - 6pm (@ Franklin Farmers Market on Town Common)
Friday, Oct 28th    3pm - 6pm (@ Franklin Farmers Market on Town Common)
Saturday, Oct 29th     9:30am - 10:30am (@ Food Pantry)

Thank you for making a difference! 

Please forward to any friends or family who may be interested.

Anne Marie Bellavance
Franklin Food Pantry
43 West Central Street
PO Box 116
Franklin, MA  02038
(508) 528-3115

Note: for those who did receive the email version of this, I did remove the first three paragraphs as I am posting the letter too late for those to be of a help.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"You don't really think of this as a fundraising place"

The Upton business was already holding a paintball event and Owner David Painter said he was happy to add a fundraising component when contacted by Franklin Town Councilor Glenn Jones, an avid paintball player. 
"This has been a way to show our support as a local business," said Painter, noting he has run breast cancer and multiple sclerosis fundraisers in the past. "We try to give back to the community as much as possible." 
The business donated $5 of each admission charge to the pantry. Jones also ran a raffle for a paintball rifle, selling tickets for $5. Organizers estimated the event raised $500, money Jones said is needed at the pantry. 
The food pantry added 22 new families during the month of June and saw a surge in requests for food after Tropical Storm Irene because many residents had to throw away spoiled food after a multi-day power outage, he said.

Read more: http://www.milforddailynews.com/archive/x372775459/Paintball-tourney-raises-cash-for-Franklin-Food-Pantry#ixzz1YxLAzkiS

On behalf of the Franklin Food Pantry Board of Directors, I would like to say thanks to Glenn Jones and the others who participated in this effort to help the Pantry! Every little bit helps.

Franklin commuter line will be delayed Sept. 25, Oct. 2

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On Sunday, Sept. 25 and Sunday, Oct. 2, the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Company will perform necessary track work on the Franklin commuter rail line between the Norwood Central and Walpole stations. This essential work, which is necessary for safe, reliable service, is scheduled from 6:00am to 8:00pm on Sundays to minimize interruptions to customer service.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Franklin, MA: Town Council - Agenda - 9/28/11

Executive Session April 6, 2011 – to be released, August 10, 2011 and September 14, 2011 Executive Session Minutes Not to be released




Cultural Council
Mary Beth Fraser
Janet Norman
Judith Needell
Judith Prueitt-Prentice

Design Review
Nancy Coleman

School Building Committee
Paula Mullen





1. Resolution 11-46: Authorizing Tax Increment Financing Hamilton Storage Technologies Inc, 3 Forge Parkway
2. Resolution 11-50: Additional Appropriation for Comprehensive Feasibility Study of the Franklin High School and Grounds
3. Resolution 11-51: Support for House Bill No. 00869 – An Act relative to the establishment of municipal lighting authorities





O. EXECUTIVE SESSION – Negotiations, Litigation, Real Property, as May Be Required


The full set of documents for this agenda can be found here

"lingering effects of a severe concussion"

McGrath said it became clear that Glass, the son of Diane and Michael Glass, had not been abducted, leaving officials to suspect the ordeal had to do with the aftermath of a concussion Glass received while playing football last fall. 
"Following that, in school, there was at least two episodes he was taken out by ambulance because he collapsed," McGrath said. The teen has had trouble concentrating in school and "has been dealing with the aftermath of that injury." 
A toxicology report showed Glass was not using drugs or alcohol, McGrath said. 
"This speaks loudly to the fact that it's something more related to the concussion," he said.

Read more: http://www.milforddailynews.com/archive/x372775289/Wrentham-teens-disappearance-blamed-on-concussion#ixzz1YrR3kZtI

Friday, September 23, 2011

Garden Office Hours - changed

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the short notice, but I will be moving my office hours to Sunday the 25th from 3-5pm.  I'll be in the garden helping to weed, and will be available for any questions.



Visit us on Facebook!
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2 upcoming volunteer opportunities for Franklin Community Gardens!

Hello to our Franklin Community Garden Supporters, Gardeners, and Friends!

We'd like to share some upcoming volunteer opportunities with all of you.

Opportunity 1: 
This coming  Monday, September 26, from 4 pm until 7 pm, Whole Foods Market Bellingham will be having its last Farmers' Market of the season.  
In addition to the usual farm-fresh goodies one finds at a farmers' market, this particular one has a grill station serving up a variety of hot foods, just in time for dinner.  Location: the parking lot in front of the store.

Whole Foods Market has generously offered to donate to our community garden nonprofit (Friends of Franklin Community Gardens, Inc.) proceeds from the sale of food from the grill!!!  

Thank you, Whole Foods Market! 

There is a catch, and we need your help:  We (the community garden supporters) must prepare and serve the food.  Of course we will! 
How great is that? Totally. Are you with us?  Yea! 

Please sign up for an hour (or three!) by clicking (or copy/paste) the link below:

If you can not work the grill, then please consider your dinner plans that evening----you could shop the market and buy dinner from the grill knowing that proceeds from dinner go directly back into our garden nonprofit fund (more gardens, more tools, more programs!)

I believe that the items we will be cooking and serving are burgers, hot dogs, and veggie burgers, surely the healthy ones considering the venue.

More info on the Bellingham Whole Foods Market: http://wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/bellingham/

Opportunity 2:

King Street Memorial Community Garden Workdays Weekend

Franklin Community Gardens

All are welcome! No signup needed. 

Saturday, Sept 24, 9 am -11 am with King St Garden Coordinator Chris Clay (bring your garden questions!)

Sunday, Sept. 25, 3 pm -5 pm with Amy Acevedo

We will be composting & weeding & generally making the entire garden and surrounding area as neat and tidy as a working garden can be. 

Please bring your own labeled shovels, rakes, and tools.  (And your awesome, sunny selves) 

Check website for weather-related cancellations, I'll post it if we need to cancel---A.

Thank you for putting us on your calendar! 

In Autumn and Abundance,

The Franklin Community Garden Committee & Friends of Franklin Community Gardens, Inc.

7th annual Run for Bob

7th Annual Run for Bob
5k Run/Walk

Sat. 10/1, 9am - 1pm 
(run starts @ 10)

431 Washington Street, Franklin 
(formerly Putnam Investments)
kids' activities, games, prizes, food & more!

$20 / adult ($25 after 9/26)
$10 / child under 12 and Best Buddies participants

Team rate (4 or more participants/team): $15 / person

Come in Franklin sports shirt - for every 3, get 4th entry free!

Ways to register: runforbob.org or hockymca.org

Ariel Doggett, Hock YMCA Coordinator of Integration: 774.235.2722

Free t-shirts to first 300 registered

** All proceeds go to Best Buddies Franklin chapter and the YMCA **
Together, we honor Bob Biagiotti, a Franklin resident who passed away unexpectedly 7 years ago. Some of his greatest times were spent running in 5k's --pushing his daughter Kayla in a stroller modified for her disability. Kayla is a student at FHS and her mom Kris puts together a great family day here in Franklin to benefit charities that have played special roles in her family's life. Join us for the run/walk, see flyer! After the run, meet us for fun - an adult only night at Pinz,see flyer!

* The benefitting charities work to promote mutually respectful relationships between people of all abilities. The YMCA's Integration Initiative provides children with special needs an opportunity to participate with their typically developing peers in all the programs, services and activities offered at the Y.