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In the News: new courses at FHS, election results

Franklin High School is expanding its course offerings next year to make full use of the equipment and technology at the new school, including a forensic science class that will have students analyzing blood splatter and finger prints. 
The school will add or modify courses in art, business, English, math, physical education and science. 
"I am excited that our faculty work tirelessly to continually develop and offer new courses to meet the needs of our students," said FHS Principal Peter Light. "FHS has an incredible faculty who have developed courses which I believe are on the cutting edge of a 21st century high school curriculum."
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The presentation document for the Program of Studies was published here

Robert Dellorco was the sole choice Tuesday to fill the open Town Council seat, having run unopposed in a special election that saw less than 1 percent turnout. 
Town Clerk Deborah L. Pellegri is to swear Dellorco in at the start of Wednesday's council meeting. 
The resignation of councilor Glenn Jones in October triggered the election. The nine councilors, elected to two, two-year terms, form the highest municipal body, responsible for approving the budget and setting the tax rate. Even with the absence of a contested race, both state law and the town's charter stipulate that an election be held.

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The results of the special election were reported here

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Special Election results - Dec 16, 2014

There were 217 votes cast today in the Franklin Special Election to fill the open Town Council vacancy. 60 of those votes were cast via absentee ballot meaning that only 147 walked into the Franklin High School gym today to vote.

Robert Dellorco received 202 votes, 3 votes were recorded as 'blank', another 12 were write-ins for the total of 217 votes.

Town Clerk Deborah Pellegri will be at the Town Council meeting on Wednesday to swear in Dellorco. After the swearing in, he can participate in his first council meeting also coincidentally the last one of 2014.

only a few voting booths were set up for each precinct anticipating a low turnout
only a few voting booths were set up for each precinct anticipating a low turnout

The agenda for the Town Council meeting on Wednesday can be found here

Holiday Gifts at Akin Bak Farm - Dec 20th

Holiday Gifts at the Farm

Saturday December 20th 

10am- 5pm

Stocking stuffers, organic soaps and salves, 
wooden toys and birdhouses, knit and crochet items, 
maple syrup, honey, pomegranate hand scrub, snowmen and more

Santa visits Akin Bak
Santa visits Akin Bak (Photo by Akin Bak)

Santa will be here 12 noon until 2 pm. Bring your camera!

Akin Bak Farm360 West Central StreetFranklin

For more info you can find them on the web here

or on Facebook here

Franklin Youth Hockey: Holiday Skate with Santa

Come skate with Santa Claus! Sunday, Dec 21 from 6:00 - 7:00 PM at Pirelli's Veteran's Arena, 910 Panther Way. Cost $5 per person.

Additional information on the Franklin Youth Hockey Association can be found on their website

Franklin Library: Doggie Tales returns

Doggie Tales returns to the Franklin Library on Wednesday, Dec 17th from 6:30 to 7:30 PM 

doggie tales returns
doggie tales returns

This was shared from the Franklin Library page here

In the News: 13 yr old fund raising, 25 yr old arrested

AJ Bremser may be only 13 years old, but already he's making a difference. 
The eighth-grader at Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School recently raised more than $1,600 for Brigham and Women's Hospital Division of Hematology as part of a capstone community service project that all students at his school must complete to continue on to high school. 
Bremser raised $1,660.18 by holding a “Penny Wars” fundraiser for two weeks during his lunch period. This fundraiser involves collecting coins and dollar bills from students and faculty.

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A Franklin woman was arraigned Monday in Wrentham District court on charges of robbing two East Central Street businesses last week, threatening that she had a gun. 
Audrey Gorman, 25, was arrested at the Franklin Commons Apartments on Gatehouse Lane Friday after police swept the area searching for the suspect in two reported robberies that day. 
Gorman was arraigned on two counts of armed robbery while masked. A not guilty plea was entered on her behalf, and Judge Emogene Johnson Smith ordered her held on $15,000 bail. 
Johnson Smith also ordered Gorman to undergo a drug treatment program at MCI-Framingham on the recommendation of a forensic psychiatrist, who testified that Gorman has a heroin addiction.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Franklin High School: Program of Studies 2015 - 2016

This presentation document were shared and discussed at the School Committee meeting Tuesday, Dec 9, 2014.

You can also view and download this document here

Additional information on the program of studies can be viewed and downloaded here

handicap accessible entrance to the new Franklin High School
handicap accessible entrance to the new Franklin High School

"ready to commit himself to the rigors of serving"

Only one candidate will appear on the ballot as a second candidate failed to return nomination papers. 
The sole candidate is a familiar face to those who follow town politics: Robert Dellorco, 53, was elected to the council in 2011, but decided against re-election last year after beginning a new job at the Massachusetts Port Authority. 
State law mandates that the town hold an election to fill the vacancy even with the absence of a contested race. Not surprisingly, Town Clerk Deborah Pellegri does not expect a large turnout. 
Polls will be open at the high school, 218 Oak St., from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.
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special election - Dec 16, 2014
special election - Dec 16, 2014

Gardener to Gardener: Growing houseplants this winter

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A gardening newsletter featuring Ask & Share and our friends at HGTV Gardens

gardener to gardener

  • December Ask & Share Highlights
  • Unusual but Foolproof — Houseplants
  • Peace Lily Care Tips: Give Peace a Chance
  • The Freshest Herbs
  • Tips & Tricks

  • During the dark and dreary days of winter, you'll be glad of the life and color that houseplants add to your indoor landscape. And if you're missing the bounty of the summer's outdoor food garden, continue to reap a fresh harvest with some herbs on your windowsill. Get ideas for selecting and caring for easy-to–grow houseplants and tasty herbs in this month's newsletter.

    Ask & Share Community Highlights

    Anonymous asked:
    My rosemary has survived the first snow of the year. Will it survive the winter in New Hampshire? What next?

    NGA answered:
    Unfortunately, your rosemary plant will not survive outdoors through the winter in New Hampshire. Most rosemary varieties are winter hardy outside only to about Zone 7. To keep your rosemary over the winter, give it the coolest, sunniest spot you have indoors. Make sure not to overwater; let the top inch or so of soil dry out before rewatering, but don't let it dry out completely. MORE

    Anonymous asked:
    Help! My potted Meyer lemon tree was happy outside, not so much inside. Since bringing it indoors (about a month ago at first frost) the leaves are browning and curling slightly at the ends, and seemingly perfect leaves are falling. But it is producing buds and appears to have new growth.

    NGA answered:
    It's not uncommon for a plant like your lemon tree to drop leaves when it's moved abruptly from the high light intensity of outdoor sunlight to the less intense light environment indoors. Eventually your lemon tree will adjust and put out new leaves that are better adapted to lower indoor light levels. MORE

    Unusual but Foolproof — Houseplants
    foolproof houseplants
    I can't tell you how many times people have come up to me with a look of embarrassed apology and asked, "Can you recommend a foolproof houseplant for me? I seem to kill everything I try to grow indoors." Well sure, I can! And to make it a little more interesting, here are a few of my favorites you may not have seen before; plants that are a little more unusual than the familiar peace lily, pothos, or African violet, but just as easy to grow.

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    From our friends at HGTV Gardens
    Peace Lily Care Tips: Give Peace a Chance

    peace lily care tips
    Peace lilies — which are not true lilies, but a member of the Araceae family of flowering plants — are renowned for their easy care. The peace lily is hardy and forgiving, and will even let you know when it is thirsty — look for the telltale droop. The shade-loving tropical plant is also known for its air-purifying abilities — it's great at breaking down and neutralizing toxic gases like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

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    The Freshest Herbs
    fresh herbs As with vegetables fresh from the garden, it's hard to beat homegrown herbs for your culinary delight. However, for most of us winter cold puts an end to the outdoor harvest season. Fortunately, if you've got a sunny window it's not hard to grow your own fresh herbs indoors in winter. You won't be harvesting on the same scale as you might from an outdoor garden, but it's still delightful to be able to pick a few sprigs of fresh herbs to liven up your dishes this winter.

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     NGA's Tips & Tricks
    Dust Your Houseplants

    Just like your furniture, the leaves of indoor plants get dusty, which can interfere with photosynthesis and transpiration and provide insects a place to hide. Give smaller plants a rinse with the sprayer at the kitchen sink. Be sure to wash off both sides of the leaves. Larger plants can be set in the shower. The leaves of large-foliaged plants can be wiped off individually with a soft cloth dipped in a solution of a few drops of mild dish detergent in a quart of tepid water, then rinsed with clear water.
    Neglect with Respect

    Simply put, most houseplants don't need as much water during the winter season as at other times of the year because they aren't growing as actively. Check the moisture level in the soil by sticking your finger in down to the second knuckle; if the soil is still moist hold off on watering. When you do water, do it thoroughly enough that some water comes out the drainage holes. Then allow the water to drain completely. If the plant has a saucer, dump any excess water after an hour or so. Don't leave your plant sitting in water.

    Raise Humidity Levels

    Heated indoor air in winter feels desert dry to many plants. An easy way to raise humidity around your plant is to fill a large, waterproof saucer or tray with gravel or pebbles; then add water to half the depth of the stone. Set the plant pot on the stones or pebbles, making sure the bottom of the pot is not sitting in water. As the water around the pebbles evaporates, it raises the humidity level around the plant.

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    Sunday, December 14, 2014

    Franklin, MA: Town Council - Agenda - Dec 17, 2014

    August 6, 2014, December 3, 2014

    This meeting is being recorded by Franklin TV and shown on Comcast channel 11 and Verizon channel 29. This meeting is being recorded by Franklin Matters.

    Del Arnold, Marlene Oliver


    Library Building Committee – Vote Resolution 14-89 First
    Nancy J. Rappa - 25 Queen Street
    Matthew T. Kelley - 75 Crescent Street
    Judith Pond Pfeffer - 37 Arlington Street
    Thomas D. Mercer - 14 Mercer Lane
    Christopher K. Feeley - 5 Taft Drive
    Felicia Oti - Library Director
    Monique Doyle - 3 Greenfield Road
    Sandra Brandfonbrener - 8 Beech Street
    James M. Roche - 152 Daniels Street


    2015 Annual Alcoholic Beverages Licenses Renewals

    • Habitat for Humanity


    1. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 14-742:Changes to Chapter 185-§4. Districts Enumerated – 2nd Reading Requires 2/3 Vote
    2. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 14-743:Changes to Chapter 185-§20. Signs - 2nd Reading Requires 2/3 Vote
    3. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 14-744:Changes to Chapter 185-§31. Site Plan and Design Review - 2nd Reading Requires 2/3 Vote
    4. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 14-745: Amendment to Chapter 185, Attachment 7, Part VI, Use Regulation Schedule, Residential Uses, Office Zoning District – Referral to Planning Board
    5. Resolution 14-87: 2015 Town Council Meeting Schedule
    6. Resolution 14-88: Legal Notices
    7. Resolution 14-89: Creation of a Library Building Committee





    – Negotiations, Litigation, Real Property, as May Be Required


    Franklin Public Library
    Franklin Public Library

    The full set of documents released for this agenda can be found here

    Reporting by walking around on Saturday

    The sun was shining on the cool morning when I went walking around Franklin on Saturday.

    Fletcher Field is getting a new installation of a tot playground. You may recall earlier this year there was an opportunity to use a State grant to put in a sprinkler park. It turned out that the water testing for the sprinkler park was going to be cost prohibitive so the grant was used to purchase and install this tot area. The work needs to be done by the end of the month in order to receive the grant. By the looks of it, they'll make it.

    new tot playground being built at Fletcher Field
    new tot playground being built at Fletcher Field
    The folks at Franklin Ford were in a festive mood with so many balloons dancing in the breeze.

    balloons dancing in the breeze
    balloons dancing in the breeze
    The Cake Bar is doing a fund raiser to provide four cup cakes with each of the 200 holiday hams being prepared for distribution this week by the Franklin Food Pantry. Please consider stopping by to help fund this effort. For every 4 purchased, the Cake Bar will add 1.

    stop by the Cake Bar to fund some cupcakes for the Food Pantry holiday ham dinners
    stop by the Cake Bar to fund some cupcakes for the Food Pantry holiday ham dinners
    The democratic process will be at work this Tuesday. Polls open at 6:00 AM and close at 8:00 PM. All voting for all precincts is done in one place at the gym in the new Franklin High School.

    There is only one ballot to vote on. One candidate to fulfill the open position on the Town Council. The Town Council, while a volunteer position, really sets the priority on what happens in Franklin. They fund the budget, they set the tax rate (including raising the taxes automatically by 2.5% every year). So your vote counts more this time than it does respectfully in almost any other election.

    Make time Tuesday. Get out and cast your vote.

    Election day reminder - Dec 16
    Election day reminder - Dec 16
    The library book sale was on Saturday, the bag sale will happen today

    library bag sale today
    library bag sale today
    The Town Common looks festive even in the morning without the lights

    Town Common - festive sight
    Town Common - festive sight

    Special Election - Tuesday, December 16, 2014


    There will be a Special Election to fill a vacancy on the Town Council Tuesday, December 16, 2014

    This election is due to a Town Councillor resignation. Although we have only one candidate running for this position, according to Mass General Law (MGL), an election must be called to elect.

    Place: Franklin High School Gym 
    Time: 6:00am – 8:00pm

    If you have any questions please call Deborah L. Pellegri, CMC, Town Clerk at 508-520-4900

    This notice was shared from the Franklin webpage here

    Special Election - December 16, 2014
    Special Election - Tuesday -  12/16/14

    FHS Sports Results - 12/13/14

    From Hocomock Sports we find the results of the Franklin High School teams competing on Saturday, Dec 13, 2014.

    Indoor Track (@ Reggie Lewis Center)
    BoysAttleboro, 30 vs. Franklin, 70 - Final - Luke Gordon finished with the fourth best time in the 300M race in the league and tied for second in the league in the high jump. Junior Ryan Spelman finished with the third best time of the day in the one mile race. David Seybert had Attleboro's best finish of the day, finishing the two mile race in 10:17.82, the second best time on the day among Hockomock teams. 
    FHS Panthers
    FHS Panthers

    GirlsAttleboro, 24 vs. Franklin, 76 - Final - Senior Sabrina LoMonaco had the second best result in the shot put (33-10.00), sophomore Meghan Doherty recorded the second best time in the one mile race (5:50.84) and junior Brittany Robinson had the fourth best time in the 1000M race (3:23.74) for the Panthers. Attleboro's Ashley Daggett and Courtney Daggett tied for the best finish in the high jump at 5-01.00. 

    Girls Hockey
    Franklin, 3 vs. Whitman-Hanson, 6 - Final

    For all the results across the Hockomock League, visit this link

    Charter School helps the Santa Foundation

    From the BFCCPS webpage we find that they were quite successful in helping the Santa Foundation this year:
    With your help, we’ve been able to make the holidays a little brighter for seventeen families this year. In total, twenty four huge bags which were all chock-filled with gifts were delivered to the Santa Foundation this morning.
    collection for the Santa Foundation
    collection for the Santa Foundation
    For additional info and photos on the collection by the Charter School. you can visit their page here!

    APECS/CrossFit Tri-Valley and Hockomock YMCA Christmas Candlemania and Lego Drive

    Season's Greetings!
    Everybody loves a bargain and it's even better when supporting a great cause in our community! 
    Please come shopping at your local Hockomock YMCA.  If you can or can't make it….please call, tweet, email or text the Candle mania info to one of your candle loving friends! Great gifts at super bargain prices.  These candles retail for $20 plus.  Buy one, mix and match or buy a case! 100% of the proceeds benefits our community. Friends and Family starts - THURSDAY 12/11 5-7 pm through Sunday December 14th.  (PDF link for Candlemania and Lego Drive below)
    We are also proud to announce the 2nd annual APECS/CrossFit Tri-Valley and Hockomock YMCA Lego Drive. Because last year's drive was such a huge success, providing Legos for several local after-school programs, integration initiative programs at the Y, and the Hockomock YMCA Giving Tree Christmas gift program, we had to do it again! 
    Feel free to drop off your gently used Legos at either of our APECS locations (Medway or Franklin) or at any of the three Hockomock YMCA locations (Franklin, Foxboro, and North Attleboro)....... all to help our community! Program runs now through December 20th! 
    My sincerest wishes to you and your family for a joyous holiday and a blessed new year. 
    Kind regards,
    screen grab of APECS webpage
    screen grab of APECS webpage