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Franklin Annual Report - 2020: Purchasing Office

The office function involves assisting other departments to ensure the highest quality of services and supplies for the best price and in compliance with applicable procurement laws.


Over the past year, the Purchasing Office has made a concerted effort to modernize the Department while also assisting Department Heads with a number of significant projects. These projects include a continued focus on improving the Town’s overall utility based infrastructure.


The Purchasing Office continues to oversee the implementation of various improvements in the way vendors can access bid documentation. One of the more significant advancements is the change we made to the distribution of plans & specifications. Vendors no longer need to wait for the bid packages to be mailed, emailed, or picked in person. With the web based platform, vendors can download the entire bid package from the Town website, thus improving the accessibility of the documents while at the same time cutting municipal costs in a number of areas.

This change has been very well received, particularly by those doing business with the Town. The upgrades have also further reinforced our continued approach to modernizing the way procurement is handled.

Promote fair, prompt and courteous consideration to all suppliers. Observe the highest ethics in all transactions and correspondence.

Respectively submitted: 

John Bugbee

Chief Procurement Officer 
Town of Franklin 

Visit the Procurement Dept. on the ToF page

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Prior Annual Reports can be found online

Franklin Annual Report - 2020:  Purchasing Office
Franklin Annual Report - 2020:  Purchasing Office A Priest A Rabbi and A Minister - 009 - March 2021

"Jay Horrigan and Dr. Pandora Carlucci join Rev. Cherry, Priest McAdams and Rabbi Alpert to discuss faith in their own congregations and how listeners can discover more opportunities to practice faith in their own lives."

Direct link -> A Priest A Rabbi and A Minister - 009 - March 2021 A Priest A Rabbi and A Minister - 009 - March 2021

MA News: weekend commuter rail volume; commissioning public art

"Weekend commuter rail off to good start"

"Weekend service on all of the MBTA’s commuter rail lines returned on July 3, and already ridership is back close to pre-COVID levels.

Saturday ridership is roughly 77 percent of what it was during the summer of 2019, while Sunday ridership is 100 percent, according to Justin Thompson, a spokesman for Keolis Commuter Services, the operator of the T’s commuter rail system.

Trains are still under-utilized, but those are strong numbers given that weekend service wasn’t even available on most commuter rail lines during the first half of the year. The numbers also represent a stark contrast with weekday ridership, which still hasn’t recovered from the pandemic and the corresponding decline in commuting to work. "

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"Weekend commuter rail off to good start"
"Weekend commuter rail off to good start"

"A new way to commission public art"
"MOST MASSACHUSETTS communities use the same process to commission public art as they do to pave a sidewalk or hire a streetsweeper. They put out a call for contractors, review the bids that come in, and select one, typically the cheapest one. There is little or no public input into the process.

Lynn, with the help of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, has come up with a new approach called Lynnstallation.

The process began with two community focus groups that outlined the standards and values they wanted reflected in a piece of art: engagement, multi-generationality, education, justice, support, positivity and joy, and a colorful appearance. "
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Wednesday, August 18, 2021


Hey, node members!
We are canceling our 350 Mass Greater Franklin Node meeting this Thursday, August 19, 2021!
350 Mass is joining forces with allies at a 
Rally to #SealTheDeal for Climate, Care, Jobs and Justice!
Congresspeople Seth Moulton and Richard Neal are the only two from the whole Massachusetts delegation to not sign onto the THRIVE Act which would provide $10 Billion over ten years for climate justice and jobs! To push them, we're having BIG RALLIES IN SALEM AND SPRINGFIELD to drive home we want STRONG legislation in the reconciliation infrastructure bill!
So sign up at the RSVP link if you can come to SALEM! 
We want everyone there! Bring a sign!
The rally will be outside the whole time in a PARK, wear a mask,
and keep your distance.
So far, Ralph Halpern and Carolyn Barthel are interested in driving separately to the rally, so contact us if you're vaccinated
and you'd like to potentially carpool.
As the rally is 3:00-6:00 pm, there's not adequate time to return home for a Zoom node meeting, so we're canceling it. 
Our next node meeting will be Thursday, September 2.
We hope to see you there!
Ralph Halpern 339-203-5017 cell, 781-784-3839 home
Carolyn Barthel 508-335-0848 cell, 508-473-3305 home 
Rally to #SealTheDeal for Climate, Care, Jobs and Justice
Rally to #SealTheDeal for Climate, Care, Jobs and Justice


Still time to pull papers, obtain signatures, and run for Town of Franklin elected positions

Friendly reminder - Election Timeline

  • September 10 by 5:00 PM – Last day to obtain Nomination papers
  • September 14 by 5:00 PM – Signed Nomination papers must be submitted to Board of Registrars for certification
  • September 30 by 5:00 PM- Last day to withdraw your candidacy
  • October 13 – Last day to register to vote.  Office hours will be extended to 8:00 PM or register online at
  • Please visit our website or call the Town Clerks Office at 508-520-4900 for a complete list of available positions.

Who is running so far? Check out the listing of potential candidates posted by the Town Clerk as of 8/16/21

Still time to pull papers, obtain signatures, and run for Town of Franklin elected positions
Still time to pull papers, obtain signatures, and run for Town of Franklin elected positions

Franklin Library Program: Spark Joy, Franklin - Aug 18

Franklin Library Program: Spark Joy, Franklin!

Spark Joy, Franklin!
Live Q&A, Wednesday, August 18, 7:00 PM

Certified Silver level Konmari Consultant Shannon Honeycutt will be bringing the life-changing magic of tidying to you through her Spark Joy Program. Find out what it means to lead a life that Sparks Joy. You will learn the KonMari philosophy and guiding principles needed to tidy once and for all and leave you feeling motivated to Spark Joy in your home, office, and life! Be sure to have a standard t-shirt and a pair of pants ready for the folding activity as you will be learning the famous KonMari Vertical folding technique.

The pre-recorded program will be available to view at Tuesday, August 17, 7:00 a.m. through Thursday, August 19, 7:00 a.m. The live question and answer session is Wednesday, August 18 at 7:00 p.m. on Zoom.

Shannon Huneycutt is the founder of Spark Joy Charlotte and trained by tidying expert Marie Kondo. Marie is the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the creator of the KonMari MethodTM, which is a style of tidying focusing on decluttering and organizing your space by keeping only those items you love.

Franklin Library Program: Spark Joy, Franklin - Aug 18
Franklin Library Program: Spark Joy, Franklin - Aug 18

Franklin School Committee: Policy Subcommittee Meeting - Aug 19

Policy Sub Committee Meeting

Municipal Building - Council Chambers (Virtual Link in Agenda)

DATE: 8/19/2021 TIME: 6:00 - 7:30 pm
“The listing of matters are those reasonably anticipated by the Chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may, in fact, be discussed and other items not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.”

I. Electronic Distribution of Approved Policies
1. none
II. Discussion of Policies sent to School Committee
A. none
III. Policy Revisions & New Policies - New Discussion Item
A. EBCFA Masks-Face Coverings
B. Review of G policies: GBJ, GCA, GCBC, GCF, GCQF
C. Continued review of Policy Section G

Policy Sub Committee Meeting - Aug 19
Policy Sub Committee Meeting - Aug 19

Franklin Annual Report - 2020: Public Works

The Department of Public Works provides a wide range of services to the residents of Franklin.   It is organized into seven (7) Divisions:
1. Administration
2. Engineering
3. Highway and Grounds (including Highway Maintenance and Construction, Central Motors, Snow & Ice, Parks, Town and School Grounds Maintenance and Forestry/Insect Control)
4. Water (including ground water withdrawals, water treatment and distribution)
5. Sewer
6. Solid Waste and Recycling (including the operation of the Beaver St. Recycling Center)
7. Street Lighting

The major functions of the Administrative Division includes developing capital projects, long range planning, intergovernmental relations and compliance, grant writing, processing various private construction permits and drain layer licenses, purchasing, budgeting, accounting, payroll, and multiple forms of utility billing.

Capital Projects
The Administrative Division, in conjunction with Engineering and the operating divisions, develops major capital projects.

The DPW continues to design and construct long-range projects over three to four years. Progress on specific capital construction projects is outlined in subsequent portions of this report.

It is important to note that many of these projects are performed by existing staff members which saves significant amounts of money by avoiding the need to contract out these services. The process of planning, designing, permitting, and oversite of these projects is an arduous task that requires a great level of coordination and cooperation between DPW divisions and other state, municipal and federal departments.

Grant Writing
The Town continues to implement a grant of $119,000 to develop stormwater infiltration with a private developer on Dean Ave and at other various locations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Mass DEP. We will investigate approaches for Franklin and private parties to work together to meet the permit requirements and save money for all.

The Town once again partnered with the Great American Rain Barrel Company to offer the discounted purchase of rain barrels to Franklin residents. Along with the discount, residents were eligible to receive a $50 rebate through the water conservation rebate grant.
The Town also received over $100,000.00 in recycling grants for our innovative programs at the recycling center in the proper removal and recycling of mattresses and Styrofoam to name a few.

Permits and Long Range Planning
The Town of Franklin also continues to oppose the implementation of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II and the pending Phase II Stormwater Permit for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) as required by the EPA. Phase I required the Town to highly regulate and monitor stormwater throughout the Town at a significantly increased cost. Phase II is projected to include increased regulatory requirements and cost even more. The Department will continue to refine and improve adopted regulations and practices to improve the stormwater in Franklin while minimizing the associated costs.

The Town of Franklin led a coalition of 16 other communities and challenged the EPA in Federal Court. Over the last year, the Town of Franklin has continued in mediation as directed by the Federal Court to try and work out disagreements and costs associated with the new MS4 storm water permit.

Long range planning is critical in the area of Public Works and must be accomplished consistently in order to ensure that the Town water, sewer and roadway infrastructure can support the needs of our residents. With the success of the 20/20 Plan, the Town Council authorized additional funding for waterline replacement and the improvement of roadways. Details on specific locations can be found in other parts of this report. With that funding already allocated, the Town Council continued with additional funding for the waterline replacement and road reconstruction of the Skyline Dr. neighborhood, Oak St Extension, Marvin Ave area and the Stanford Rd area. With the completion of the above mentioned projects we are looking at the next major waterlines and neighborhoods to be rehabilitated.

The DPW has continued to work with both the DEP and the Massachusetts Department of Recreation and Conservation to facilitate the final closing and capping of the Beaver Street Landfill Site.

The Town of Franklin has continued to work with other area towns and conservation groups towards ensuring that regional water supplies are protected.
The DPW is also looking at repairs/replacement of the “Beaver Street Interceptor”, the Town’s primary pipe that conveys sewer to the Charles River Pollution Control District for processing.

Continue reading the DPW section in the Annual Report in the PDF version (page 132) or the print version (#126)

Prior Annual Reports can be found online

Franklin Annual Report - 2020:  Public Works
Franklin Annual Report - 2020:  Public Works

Franklin Area Nonprofit Network Meeting preparation for the August 23, 2021 session

The Franklin Area Nonprofit Network (FANN) has scheduled its next meeting for all nonprofits for Monday, Aug 23, 2021 at 7:00 PM. A hybrid meeting, we can met in person at the TV studio or virtually via Zoom. Details below.

If you are a member of a nonprofit and someone from your group is not already taking part, feel free to reach out to me (Steve Sherlock) for more info, or join a session to find more about what we are doing to help each other support the Franklin community.

In advance of our next meeting, you can:

1 - Review the Mission, Vision and Core Values in prep for review and discussion

2 - Respond to the survey questions on your organization’s grant needs so we can help to coordinate the best response for the group.

  • Survey on grants:

3 - Friendly reminder:  sign up to introduce your group/org  

4 - The meeting has been created in Facebook to enable sharing:

5 - Check out the updated listing of nonprofits

Use the form to make updates, changes, or additions

FANN Meeting preparation for the August 23, 2021 session
FANN Meeting preparation for the August 23, 2021 session

Boston Globe: "The Last Best Shot"

"This state and nation have a clear choice. We can mark the start of a future in which COVID is relegated to little more than a nuisance, or we can watch the disease spiral further out of our grasp. Nearly 18 months after the pandemic shuttered much of the world, we are still in a state of uncertainty, one that threatens to steal yet another season and kill people who don't need to die. This special section is meant to reinforce a simple fact: The only way out is vaccination. For every eligible person. Now. "
Continue reading the article online (subscription maybe required)

Boston Globe: "The Last Best Shot"
Boston Globe: "The Last Best Shot" A Priest A Rabbi and A Minister - 008 - February 2021

"Jay Horrigan and Dr. Pandora Carlucci join Rev. Cherry, Priest McAdams and Rabbi Alpert to discuss faith in their own congregations and how listeners can discover more opportunities to practice faith in their own lives. "

 Direct link -> A Priest A Rabbi and A Minister - 008 - February 2021 A Priest A Rabbi and A Minister - 008 - February 2021

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Franklin Historical Museum: Never Forget September 11, 2001 - A personal reflection

The Franklin Historical Museum is honored to welcome Franklin native, Paul Faenza as presenter in our Second Sunday Speaker Series, Sunday September 12 @ 1:15pm.

Everyone old enough to remember, can recall where they were when they heard about the events of September 11th, 2001. Retired NYPD Sergeant Paul Faenza shares his memories of that day and the days that followed in a one-hour power point presentation. As a member of the New York City Police Department, he responded to the scene immediately after the buildings collapsed and remained at Ground Zero for two weeks. 

He details that morning from a personal to a professional level and beyond. From wading through knee high dust to witnessing the collapse of Building 7; searching buildings, digging on the pile, and participating in an honor guard at the temporary morgue. This is not a history lesson, nor a political discussion, it only serves to provide a sense of what occurred that day in New York City from a First Responders point of view.

The purpose of Paul’s presentation is to ensure that people remember the events that occurred on this day twenty years ago. It also serves to remind us of the hundreds who have died or are sick from exposure at Ground Zero.  Please consider a donation to . Their mission is to provide financial assistance and a network of support to the families of New York City Police Officers, Firefighters, Port Authority Police, and EMS Personnel who have been killed in the line of duty.

Please join us on this 20th anniversary weekend the 9/11 attacks for Paul’s first-hand account.

In October we welcome author Steve Puleo who will discuss his latest book Voyage of Mercy. A truly remarkable story about America’s first humanitarian mission.

The museum is open Thursday evenings 5pm-7pm; Saturdays 10am-1pm and Sundays 1pm-4pm. Visit our giftshop for fun and unique Franklin gift items. We are wheelchair accessible and admission is always free. Franklin Historical Museum, 80 West Central Street. 


Franklin Historical Museum: Never Forget September 11, 2001 - A personal reflection
Franklin Historical Museum: Never Forget September 11, 2001 - A personal reflection

Save the Date - Oct 15 - "Grab Your Monet and Let’s Gogh!"

Welcome to Franklin Democratic Town Committee’s  First Live Simulcast Virtual Art Auction coming soon …. presented in collaboration with Arin Ross Auctions, in partnership with Marlin Art …. with art prints from an amazing variety of artists from around the world …. 

Something for everyone’s taste and budget! …..from Ansel Adams to Thomas Kincaid to Peter Max to Lucille Raad to Norman Rockwell to Andrew Wyeth and dozens more! 

Art available at 1/3 - 1/2 off regular gallery prices! 

Franklin Democratic Town Committee presents
a Live Simulcast Virtual 
Grab Your Monet and Let’s Gogh! 

WHO: Art lovers anywhere in the Continental United States and supporters of FDTC
WHAT: Our first ever live simulcast Virtual Art Auction Fundraiser
WHEN: Early Registration only Monday, October 4, 2021 at 9:00am EST
             Registration, Preview, Pre-bid/Max bid Wednesday Oct 13, 2021 at 9:00am EST
             *First 100 people to register during preview are entered 
to win a $100 VISA gift card !!*

LIVE Auction: Friday Oct 15, 2021 at 7:00pm EST
WHERE: The comfort and safety of your residence 
HOW:    Visit 
  • Registration is required to preview artwork and memorabilia and receive your Bid Number. 
  • Opening bid with full description of each piece will be displayed.
  • You will be able to pre-bid and/or set maximum bid.
  • REGISTER EARLY!  Preview ends at showtime on Friday.
  • All artwork shipped anywhere within the Continental United States free of charge 
  • directly to your residence! 
  • All persons interested, family, friends, near and far are welcome!  This is a nationwide event.
  • Something for everyone’s taste and budget! 


Would you like a helpful reminder of dates emailed to you?   Send message with Subject Line: 
“Art Auction, I want to Gogh!”  to 

Save the Date - Oct 15 - "Grab Your Monet and Let’s Gogh!"
Save the Date - Oct 15 - "Grab Your Monet and Let’s Gogh!"

St. Mary's Women’s Faith Formation - Sep 18

The St. Mary's Women’s Faith Formation will be starting in person monthly meetings again. We are extending an invitation to each of you to join us. Normally during the year we meet in the Parish Hall and via Zoom on the second Saturday of each month from 9:30-10:30AM. Our meeting format begins with a welcome and opening prayer, then we watch a select video, have a small group discussion about it, and end with closing comments and a closing prayer.

This first meeting has been moved due to the scheduled Confirmation at the same time. For this first meeting only we will meet on the third Saturday of September (18th) from 9:30-10:30AM in the Parish Hall.

We will view a video of Bishop Barron addressing “Prayer” at our September meeting. Light refreshments will be available.  We really look forward to welcoming you back or hopefully welcoming you for the first time to our meeting. A Zoom link is available for those who might feel more comfortable attending virtually. Please email Deacon Guy ( if you are interested in the  Zoom link contact information. Either way you join us – we are glad you are there. 

All women are welcome.

St. Mary's Women’s Faith Formation - Sep 18
St. Mary's Women’s Faith Formation - Sep 18

Franklin Annual Report - 2020: Library

Franklin Public Library is the center of learning, knowledge, discovery, growth and entertainment for a diverse and inclusive community.

The Library had another successful year of meeting and exceeding community expectations even during the COVID-19 pandemic - thanks to the dedication and competence of the staff and the unalloyed support from the Town Administrator.

New initiatives this year, the library implemented:
○   Proctoring services to support distance learning
○   Weekly English language classes to help non-native speakers gain language proficiency.
We added three high quality databases - PressReader, Creativebug, Universal Class - to the digital collection:
PressReader provides users access to 7000 of the world’s to magazines and newspapers
Creativebug offers over 1000 video instructional classes on drawing, painting, jewelry making, baking, etc. for artists and makers of all levels.
Universal Class offers continuing education classes and certificates in more than 500 courses including mathematics, accounting, computing, web development, yoga, test preparation, and much more.

The staff responded to the rapidly evolving changes during the COVID-19 pandemic with ingenuity and innovation. They have actively pivoted to providing safe, contactless virtual services.
Curbside delivery of library materials
Virtual programming
Information literacy instruction
Book reviews & recommendations
Increased digital resources, including eBooks and audiobooks
YouTube tutorials on downloading digital resources
Summer learning programs and activities.
The community’s overwhelming response to the library’s virtual programs and services during the COVID-19 pandemic is a testament to the vital role the library continues to play in the community and how well it is fulfilling its mission.
In the five months since our transition to online programs, over 12,000 attended our virtual programs (story times, Dungeons and Dragons, Teen Advisory Board, virtual book discussion groups, to name a few) And over 13,900 participated in reader’s advisory games, book reviews, scavenger hunts, steam activities, and March madness.
Over 5,000 kids attended summer virtual programs and over 700 completed their summer reading logs.
Circulation of electronic resources increased by over 400%
Fielded over 500 e-reference queries.
Collaborated with the Town’s Marketing and Community Specialist, Franklin Radio, and Franklin Matters to promote online services, resources and programs.
We acknowledge the continued generosity of The Friends of the Franklin Public Library and the Franklin Library Association. With a $10,500 donation from the Friends, the library purchased twenty-five chromebooks to support “Girls Who Code”; expanded the ‘library of things’ and added three new museum passes.
Strategic Initiatives FY 2021
Affirm the Library as an essential center for learning, information, engagement, culture and entertainment
Continue to evolve library services and programs to best meet the needs of our diverse community.
Coordinate, collaborate and partner with various stakeholders including the Superintendent of Schools and Recreation Department to provide educational resources, new tools, activities and entertainment for families and youth..
Maintain high-quality print and digital collections
Increase marketing of virtual services and digital content
Transform the role of the library as place
Incorporate performers, artists, authors and other professionals into monthly virtual program offerings.
Digitize and provide access to high-demand historical collections.(Town of Franklin List of Residents from 1884-2017)

Support and cultivate the community’s creativity
Introduce online collaborative workspaces and maintain online databases that foster creativity, hobbies and interests.
Develop a staff prepared for the future
Work with the Town Administrator to maintain library certification and address staffing levels so the library can continue to adequately address community needs.
Provide varied continuing education opportunities to improve staff’s customer service, leadership and technology skills.

Respectfully submitted 

Felicia Oti
Director, Franklin Public Library

The full Annual Report can be found