Thursday, September 3, 2009

Door-to-Door Sales Scam Alert

The Franklin Police Department is warning residents about a scam involving young men and women, between 18-25 years of age, going door-to-door either trying to sell magazines subscriptions or other services, such as cleaning windows or doing landscaping. The ultimate goal is have residents write a check to a company called Quality Subscriptions Inc. (QSI) with the expectation of something in return.

The salespeople often mislead residents. They portray themselves as either living in the local area or being friends of someone in the neighborhood. They are apparently contracted by a company out of Georgia called Quality Subscriptions Inc. (QSI) or United Family Circulation. Information about this company can be readily obtained on the internet.

The Town of Franklin requires most solicitors to provide information and obtain a permit from the Police Department prior to conducting business. Residents are encouraged to contact this Department about anyone soliciting door-to-door to make sure they are registered.

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