Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Live reporting - Administrators Report, and close

Nutting - the contract for the downtown project have been received here, signed and returned to the state. We are waiting now for the authorization to proceed. It will take a lot of input from a number of folks to do this project.

We did get the million dollar PWAT (sic) grant to aid in the downtown effort.

The work at King St/RT 140 was completed to help the turn across the from the new Walgreens

Jeff read a letter of thanks for the TIF from a business that did receive one for his relocation to Forge Park.

Initial meeting with Bellingham, Milford on storm water management to ensure that the regulations have a similar standard. We are concerned about the financial implications for local businesses. We have asked to meet with our state representatives. All Town property would be subject to this. Huge cost and implications that we will work for over the next many years.

We were approved for our third Economic Development site.

Q - How much does a plan cost, not even the work itself?
A - This is being developed from the EPA, etc. to reduce the amount of phosphorous input to the Charles River. If your business is sitting on ledge that is one thing as opposed to another sitting on sand. It will be expensive. It is a difficult take to take 50% of the phosphorous out.

Q - What can we learn from Milford's water problem.
A - It can happen anywhere. We can prevent it but try to mitigate it. We get all of our water from wells not surface water. We can isolate water or sections within the town. We have experience. We do have fencing and locks around all of our water points. We have major improvements to our infrastructure with pipe replacement. we do perform inspections everyday of the year. We have a computerize monitoring system, 24 hours a day an alarm will go off if something is not right in the system. We treat all ground water as it comes in. At the end of the day, you're 24-36 hours. We can use the reverse 911 to communicate to all 10,000 households within 30 minutes.

Tom Doak arrived during Jeff's update.

Counselors comments:
Bartlett is not running again for Town Council. She struggled with decision but her schedule won't allow her to commit to deliver 100% of what she thinks she would need. If you think you can contribute to a town position, please consider doing so.

Motion to executive session, not to return to open session
motion passed 7-0

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