Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Demographics help explain

There are a significant number of residents under 18 years old living in Franklin. Between 1990 and 2003, Franklin’s total population increased by 33.8%; during the same time, the number of residents under 18 increased by 58.3%9.


In 2007, nearly 970 students enrolled in the Franklin Public Schools had a disability, of which, nearly 7% had physical disabilities.11 Franklin recognized the need to provide accessible areas to individuals of all ability levels and over the past several years, has been successful in upgrading all the Public School playgrounds to meet ADA compliancy requirements.


Another population of interest in Franklin is its elderly residents. Census 2000 indicates 8.2% of Franklins 2000 population was age 65 years or older. As Franklin’s population ages, it is important for the Town to ensure the needs of priority populations are met. In 2008 the Town opened the newly constructed Senior Center. The Center provides Franklin’s seniors with a location to gather and programs geared towards this population’s recreation needs.

When one wonders why the School Budget has become such an item, the demographics of the Town can provide some insights. Read more in the Open Space and Recreation Plan on the Town web site here (PDF)

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