Friday, September 4, 2009

Do you know is what a major environmental concern?

A major environmental concern in Franklin is both the quality and quantity of its water supply. Franklin is completely dependant upon wells for its water supply, therefore, it is imperative that both the quality and quantity of the water sources be maintained. Franklin has implemented a Water Resource District23 to protect, preserve and maintain the existing and potential ground and surface water resources that provide water supply to Franklin. The State’s efforts to encourage keeping wastewater local and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Phase II stormwater management regulations also ensure that more water is returned to the ground to recharge aquifers in a way that maintains quality. Preservation of open space and education efforts regarding the use of fertilizers and pesticides are a key component in addressing water quality in Franklin.
What else would you add to this listing?
  1. The next time you open the tap to draw water, give thanks to the DPW crew that takes care of providing us good water.
  2. Consider putting trash in an appropriate container (don't just toss it out the window to let it lie along the roadside).
  3. Consider picking up any recyclables as you walk through Town (this will prevent them from getting into our waste water treatment system).

Read more from the Open Space and Recreation Plan found on the Town web site here (PDF)

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