Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Live reporting - Public Land Use Committee

Attending: Liz Fester, Mark Anderson, Tim Twardowski
Missing: Jim Estabrook, Ray Willis

Beth Dahlstrom, Town Planner
Brian Taberner, Director, Planning and Community Development

Members of the Franklin Citizens Rail Trail Committee 
Dave Dennison, Allan Sawyer, David Labonte, Karl Svendsen

Ron Clough, DCR

Franklin Rail Trail - part of the Titanic Trail

This presentation was based upon the one prepared by Bill DiSantis and edited by Carl Svendsen for this meeting.

Wadsworth Village, near Spring Street crossing, a historical site

How the trail would be finished off is somewhat dependent upon the requirements for the funding organization. Hard pack would be desirable.

Bellingham has a subcommittee to their Conservation Committee doing the same thing that the FCRTC is doing.

FCRTC is a grass roots organization coordinating with DCR.

Meeting with the Rotary Club to look for additional funding.

Dan O'Brian, a trail planner on the DCR staff

It is a feasible project. What you need is creation of a management plan. The plan would be two-fold, (1) development of the trail and (2) the on-going maintenance.

If you can avoid the MassHighway process which requires multiple dollars and multiple years. If you go with a fully engineered 12 foot way, that's one thing. If you are agreeable to go with the lesser option, then maybe the Town can provide some assistance.

The Town Planner and others within the Town can help the FCRT Committee

Ultimately looking at a 10 foot paved section with a yellow line down the middle and an adjacent 5 foot section hard pack for horse or jogger traffic.

Look into the ATT easement for an opportunity for sponsorship or opportunity for maintenance that could be leveraged.

Beth Dhalstrom and Dave Labonte to compare dates to find an acceptable meeting time in September to continue this discussion.

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