Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Election "Line up card"

Table below shows the positions available for election this November.  Check for the updated version here

The Candidates column initially showed just the incumbents.
Those who have confirmed taking out papers are marked with a * and bold.
New candidates have their name in bold with -new.
The existing position holders who have not yet taken out papers are listed for reference to keep track of the "line up card"

So what does this tell us?
We need more candidates! The only election competition is for the Board of Health position.

Name # of Openings Candidates Term of Office
Board of Assessors 1 Position (For 4 years) Robert Avakian* 2009 to 2013
Board of Health 1 Position (For 4 years) Bruce Hunchard*
Koren Kanadanian-new
2009 to 2013
Planning Board 2 Position (For 4 years) Anthony Padula* 2009 to 2013
* 1Vacant Joseph Halligan-new 2009 to 2013
Planning Board (Associate) * 1 vacant position (For 4 Years) 2009 to 2013
Town Council 9 Positions (For 2 Years) Joseph McGann 2009 to 2011
Deborah Bartlett
R. Scott Mason*
Christopher Feeley
Judith Pond Pfeffer*
Thomas Doak - not running again
Shannon Zollo*
Robert Vallee*
Stephen Whalen
Glenn Jones- new

Daniel Ballinger-new
School Committee 7 Positions (For 2 Years) Cora Armenio 2009 to 2011
Susan Rohrbach*
Paula Mullen*
Edward Cafasso*
Roberta Trahan
Matthew Kelly
Jeffrey Roy*

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