Thursday, September 3, 2009

Do you know Franklin is home to some endangered species?

The following is from the Open Space and Recreation Plan updated in 2008 and available on the Town web site (PDF)

The Town of Franklin has four National Heritage & Endangered Species Program
(NHESP) delineated priority habitats of rare species and also estimated habitats of
rare wild life. The locations are described as follows:
  1. The area around Beaver Pond and Mine Brook from the railroad tracks just south of Route 140 across Interstate 495 to and including, Spring Pond on Washington Street.
  2. Located primarily within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer Charles River Natural Valley Storage area.
  3. The area encompassing Wampanoag Drive up to Concetta Way located eastern part of Franklin on the border of Norfolk and Wrentham.
  4. The area surrounding Miscoe Brook on the southwestern portion of town within proximity of Washington and South Street.
According to National Heritage and Endangered Species (NHES), Franklin provides a
habitat for several endangered, threatened and species of special concern.
Open the link to the Open Space and Recreation Plan (PDF) and cruise to page 30 to find this section and the table listing the endangered species living within Franklin.

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