Monday, August 31, 2009

Do you know when Franklin's open space bylaw was created?

Franklin adopted its "Open Space Development" bylaw in 1987, Franklin Zoning Chapter 185-43. It applies to parcels in the Rural Residential I and II, and Residential VI zoning districts. It allows such parcels to be developed with the same number of lots as would be allowed with a conventional plan, but with one half the area, frontage, and yard requirements mandated by the underlying district. At least 25% of the parcel area must be reserved as open space and either conveyed to the Town or have recorded a restriction enforceable by the Town providing that the land remain as open space. By 1993, ten subdivisions had been approved for development in this manner resulting in the preservation of 236.57 acres of open space.
Read more in the Open Space and Recreation Plan found on the Town web site here (PDF)

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