Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fallen Hero: Corporal David Laughlan III, U. S. Marine Corps

Corporal David Laughlan III, U.S. Marine Corps, was born on March 20, 1923 son of David and Elsie Laughlan. David lived with his parents, a sister and a brother at 55 North Park Street. David attended the Franklin Public Schools and graduated from Franklin High School, Class of 1941. David joined the Marine Corps two months before Pearl Harbor. 
Corporal David Laughlan III saw a great deal of action as a member of a rifle company fighting against the enemy on Saipan, the Marianas Islands on June 30 and again on July 1, 1944. CPL Laughlan volunteered to lead patrols into enemy territory obtaining valuable information of great value to his company commander. The information was used by his commander in planning the company’s many subsequent successful attacks against the enemy. Corporal David Laughlan III was injured on Saipan and was awarded the Bronze Star for his performance of valor. 
Corporal David Laughlan III later returned to action for the torrid battle on Iowa Jima and lost his life there on February 24, 1945. 
Corporal David Laughlan III was 21 years old when he became a battle casualty while in combat during WWII.

Fallen Hero: Corporal Laughlan

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  1. David served with the 24th Marine regiment. He received a million dollar wound during the action on Saipan. When he learned that his regiment was shipping out he signed a waiver and rejoined his unit. It is believed his unit was operating in an area of Iwo known as Turkey Knob when he was killed.
    David is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Clinton, Massachusetts, in the family plot.