Monday, August 19, 2013

"It just needs an extra million bucks a year"

The Milford Daily News catches up to the Franklin DPW Initiative '14 plan introduced at the Town Council meeting earlier this month. It is anticipated that the plan will be part of a funding discussion sometime in the near future. It may come up before the current Council, if not, it should be part of the budget process for FY 2015 with the new Town Council.
"The residents know the roads that are really, really bad, and we know because we get calls about them all the time," said Cantoreggi. "Those roads are very expensive to fix." 
The town faces a roughly $50 million backlog of necessary road projects. And while the DPW plan would not immediately lift that burden, it would kick-start the effort. 
"We won’t get every road," Cantoreggi noted. "On the other hand, it will move things along a whole lot faster. 
"If we get the additional money, we will have a solid five-year plan," he added. "If we don’t, it’s going to take another 50 years (to tackle the backlog)."

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