Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fallen Hero: Technical Sergeant Baldo S. Lazzerini, U.S. Army

Technical Sgt Baldo S. Lazzerini was born on January 29, 1913 in Franklin son of Quinto and Julia Lazzerini. Baldo made his home here in Franklin from age 16 with the Pacifico and Amelia Gianetti Family of 57 Hutchinson Street. Baldo’s active duty began upon his enlistment on March 20, 1941. 
Technical Sergeant Baldo S. Lazzerini served with the U.S. 5th Army, G-2 Intelligence service in Italy as an interpreter for General Mark Clark. T/Sgt Lazzerini was involved in the heaviest of fighting in Italy and had personally witnessed the surrender of Italian generals to Allied generals, with whose staff he was connected. T/Sgt Baldo Lazzerini’s brilliance in military operations, coupled with his knowledge of the Italian language gave him rapid rise in rank. 
T/Sgt Baldo S. Lazzerini died as a result of a military vehicle accident in Italy on June 24, 1945. 
Technical Sgt Baldo S. Lazzerini was 32 years old at the time of his death in service during World War II.

Fallen Hero: T/Sgt Lazzerini

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