Saturday, August 24, 2013

"we have a long way to go"

The Citizens Committee is exploring how to get the downtown train station on the historical register according to this article in the Milford Daily News.
Describing what comes with placement on the registry, McNiff said, "If it’s a commercial property, there are some tax benefits available. Work done on it would have to be reviewed by the historical commission if what’s being done does not conform with the historic nature of the building." 
"There are preservation grants that are available," he continued, "and those are open to communities and nonprofit entities. It’s a competitive program so you have to make an application." 
One of two T stops here, the downtown station dates back to the 1800s. "A lot of us who grew up in Franklin remember what the station looked like: a picture-perfect postcard," Benedetto said. "Now it looks like the South Bronx."

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The station roof was being repaired when I made the rounds in Franklin recently to capture some photos. Boarded up to do the roof construction certainly gives it a different appearance.

Downtown train station under construction

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