Monday, August 19, 2013

Live reporting - School Building Committee Meeting - Aug 19, 2013

Present: Tom Mercer, Chris Feeley, Jeff Nutting, Mike LeBlanc, Mike D'Angelo, Maureen Sabolinski, Sally Winslow, Paula Mullen, Susan Rohrbach, Ed Cafasso, Peter Light, Sean Fennell, Cindy Douglas, Corinne Minkle, John Jewel (arrived about 7:00 PM), Bob Gilchrist, Joe Milani,

Meeting opens at 6:35 PM

Motion to approve minutes of July meeting, seconded, approved, passed - unanimous

Motion to approve a series of bills, each seconded, approved, passed - unanimous

Bob Gilchrist, from Agostini, Bacon

walked the group through of three pages of pictures (to be added) showing progress in construction

substantial completion scheduled for July 25, 2014

finish coat of paving will be done next summer so all will be new and fresh
striping this week, signs this week, everything on track for completion on Friday

Brian, FF and E process (furnishing, fixtures and equipment) (if building was turned upside down and shaken, whatever would fall out except for the computers (that is technology).

process started several months ago, approach in two tacks, one with furniture; small working group with furniture; second group on needs for equipment

field trip to Robert Lord showroom for furniture, to see a breath of the possibilities, talking the details of the various vendors and manufacture of the furniture; developed direction, prepared list for each room to determine the quantities required

what is equipment, what is reimbursable from MSBA
received listings from the groups last week, preparing the combination of the lists to see what it would come out at for the budget

more detailed review of the listing planned, planning for putting the FF and E out to bid for Dec/Jan time frame with a July delivery and installation

expecting bids to come in within 2-5% below budget more conservative approach than previous projects

Nutting - we still need to figure out how the studio will be paid for by the cable TV group, or what other option would be needed.

used to be approx $6500/room for FF and E, now running about $8K
varies based upon type of classroom setup

study done by architect showed $1600/per study cost; MSBA reimburses $1200, that is okay for elementary schools but not for the high schools where labs increase the cost

technology is separate from FF and E

Mercer - should have a better idea of the real numbers for FF and E in the next 30-60 days
Sabolinski - Peter Light and others at in with the teachers to take a conservative approach in terms of the needs for FF&E
Light - inventory of existing equipment was starting point, would it last 5 years? yes, or no. If no, then on the listing for replacement. Compiled this at the building level. What was submitted was what the teachers needed with review and aligned with the curriculum. Drove to rationale as required.
Sabolinski - I feel comfortable with the process
Light - some of the teachers spent quite a bit of time and due diligence on this planning process. All of the big ticket areas, visited multiple model schools to discuss the details with those now in the schools

What remains in the building is open for Franklin to keep, what we don't keep can be taken by the contractor as part of the demolition

if there is stuff in good shape, can move it to the new building and deploy it in a non-public space where it can be used but not really observed on a daily basis in a public space; as in the library

Plan for listing of FF and E and budget by the meeting in October, 'no later than' is the plan per Mercer
Desire to get the listing a week before the meeting

all the other model schools were using $1800/student as their target despite the MSBA model target at $1200

Fennell - the high schools are coming in over the $1200 that the MSBA has and I understand the logic and numbers presented.

Change order #3
additional electrical  discovered as required
credit for supports not needed
electrical outlets to be added at front of stage
underground manhole to accommodate some wire runs
door hardware
revising door widths, should have been 4' were at 3 something
increased seating capacity in language lab (state standard is 30, added 5 as classes generally run lager)
lecture hall seating change to adjust the riser height

motion made to approve, seconded, passed unanimously

two parking lots built this summer have light poles (actually will), will be wired to new building
need to run lighting to power them in the meantime, could be approx 25-30,000 for the additional wiring and conduit - wouldn't be more than 28K. light pole basis should be ready for end of Sep; it is a safety issue

motion to authorize Chair to approve up to $28K for lighting
seconded, passed unanimously

Nutting - can we add a column to show the MSBA approvals for the change orders as submitted

LeBlanc - when are we going to get the 'pending' items
Is there an opportunity cost to not put the top copy out now?
about 25-29K

Cafasso - question on the parking lots
Both paved lots will get turned over, 120 spaces were on old lot, will get over 300 spaces with what is turned over next week

Question on the grading between the old fields and the new building, and new building and the 'new fields' when the current school goes

switching to the Davis Thayer topic

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