Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"all three options make little sense"

The School Building Committee meeting on Monday heard the presentation from Kaestle Boos Associates on the options for Davis Thayer. Their initial proposal was to add to and renovate the existing facility. They also looked at addressing just the changes needed to make the building compliant with the requirements for accessibility. An alternative would be to start a new building on the existing site (or elsewhere). It was estimated to cost $4.6M to bring to compliance. It was estimated to be $23M to add to and renovate or $28M to build a new school.
Davis Thayer was built in 1924 and underwent an extensive renovation during the 1970s. Milani described the building as "sound." 
"It has good bones," he said. 
However, most of the school’s bathrooms, corridors, stairs and doorways are not handicap-accessible, and inside, there are numerous mechanical and plumbing problems. 
Milani said that just bringing the school into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act would cost $4.6 million. The committee mostly agreed that it would not be worth the money. One member described the option as an "expensive Band-Aid."

Read more: http://www.milforddailynews.com/news/x1655328083/Davis-Thayer-renovation-plan-presented-in-Franklin#ixzz2cV2megKq

My notes from the meeting can be found here

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