Monday, August 19, 2013

Live reporting - Davis Thayer proposal

The Davis Thayer proposal, hard copy handed out to be added later

Joe Milani, Kaestle Boos Associates
"Feasibility Study for Davis Thayer"

built in 1924, renovated in 1973, minor other adjustments since then

original documents for 1924 construction not available, hence information is based upon what is observed
did an opinion of probable cost (OPC)
did a revision to address if accessibility was addressed but nothing else was

do not have to comply with all elements of the building when reconstruction, do need to fulfill compliance with the sections being addressed

if spending more than 30% of the assessed building value, then do need to bring up to code
staying below this level  intentionally

dangerous situation for walking along the driveway entrance from School St, especially during winter

building in good shape generally but there are spots where there is water penetration through the brick surface; would recommnend repointing all the brick work on the exterior

all the windows were replaced with two circular windows which are still wooden and should be replaced.

roofing in good shape, put on in 2000
stainless steel put over the copper copings along the roof edge, not soldered properly, should be replaced
some downspouts missing from the portable, for any long term renovation, should replace the roof

doors not wide enough to meet compliance, 36" required

interior finishes are pretty good, lots of school work on the walls
suspended acoustical tiles were added in the 1973 renovation, can't see the ceiling clearly

there are asbestos tiles under some of the carpets, would need to be removed

gym floor is is good shape, has signs of water damage, 'Dutchman' repairs evident
recommend putting in synthetic floor

interior stairways; 2 front, 2 back of building
some ramps added to some of the entrances, not all hence not accessible
inside of stairways need additional handrails, stairwells wide enough, hand holds not sufficient

toilet rooms all have accessibility problems
will lose fixtures with renovation but do have enough space to provide sufficient fixtures for accessibility

max population planned for at 350, currently about 335 students

by and large equipment could be reused in renovation, spacing is an issue, need to separate incoming waste and outgoing good foods for safety reasons

water coolers in corridors not sufficient, should provide two levels, there exist only one

no handicap signage available, major crux of issue is elevator brings someone to first floor but other floors within building are not accessible

the building is sound it has sturdy walls

recommend replacement of PA and telephone system

used MSBA recommendation to utilize the space within the building
57200 required
45000 current
renovation and addition would be only option to meet requirements

put the two kindergartens in the 'old' cafeteria
use the first floor expansion to put in a new cafeteria and kitchen area with access from Union
no addition to second floor
elevator and stairwell would go to the basement to access the gym
elevator rises to second and third floor
filled in the media center to provide two more classrooms on the third floor

add parking spaces and a sidewalk from the School St entrance
allows catch basis, rain garden to catch the run off and prevent the current runoff washing out the playground wood chips to the street

$23M for renovation and addition on site; vs. cost of new building on site would be $28M

supplemental study for accessibility
bathroom renovations and addition of elevator
multiple adjustments on each floor

just doing the accessibility = $4.6M

OPC projected a 2.5 year build-out with some inflation

School Committee and Town Council were invited to participate in this review
Other than Tom, no Town Councilor participated

School Committee would need to absorb this info and bring it to the joint budget subcommittee

if this were to go with the new school option, would have to get in line (after the high school)

one of the things that present a problem is that the enrollments are fluctuating, increase since Jul 1, likely to the increase in expectations for the new high school

Planning is meant to increase the attractiveness of the Town

is this site a viable site at all?
there is land but there is a challenge with the existing available land
current space is just under 4 acres, MSBA would req about 10-15 depending upon the size of the school
site big enough for 3-400 but not for 6-800

it is a not starter due to the cost/pupil for renovations vs. new school for this size.

$4M would be a bad band-aid
what to do with the building is not this committee's charge. what to do to construct or renovation may be this committee's charge

This was an informational meeting on the Davis Thayer portion

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