Friday, August 23, 2013

Now Opening for Business in New Locations

In June, we wrote about the 3 locations at the Silver Maple Commons on King St that were open for business. Two of these have now been filled by businesses relocating from downtown Franklin.

Salon Sorella is going into the spot left behind by the Phillip DePalma Salon and Day Care moving to Grove St.

Salon Sorella
Salon Sorella
You can visit Salon Sorella on the web at

Pretty Is Pink is going into the spot vacated by TD Bank over a year ago. I captured the temporary banner when walking by this past weekend.

Pretty is Pink
Pretty Is Pink
You can visit Pretty Is Pink on the web at

Both of these businesses now leave behind some empty space in the downtown business area. What will move in to take their place? Will it be a new business or another relocation to continue playing leap frog or dominoes or (you get the idea!).

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