Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Live reporting: DPW proposal on road repairs

- Department of Public Works

Kate Sjoberg, Mike Maglio, Robert (Brutus)Cantoreggi, and Laurie Ruszala

(document to be added)

roads rated 69 or less analyzed

quite a few roads rated 69 or less

if depending only upon Chap 90, the road repairs would decrease
proposal with a possible override shows getting to 70 or better within 5 years

focus had been on water/sewer repairs with road repairs

60% funding from water 40% from other sources

Chap 90 funding is variable (shown in chart)

Council appropriations also vary year to year (shown in chart)

initiative '14 plan

looking for a debt override of a $1M per year (how long not answered yet)

new water study being done in 2014


200 miles of roads and each can have an individual issue
water can continue to supply funding for the foreseeable future

dedicated override can be kept to a fund for perpetuity

a million dollar override would cost about $18 per homeowner

Q - Kelly - would the plan be to get the roads accepted before we repaired

A - Yes, we would get them accepted before work is done

Q  - would be reducing the road size?

A - yes, 
discussion on size of the road in subdivisions, they cover that size of the road

reducing the size avoids the cost of repair and future maintenance

C - Powderly - thank you for this, easy to understand, folks can see where things fall out. The Town is reliant on a zero sum game. the only thing that will fix the roads will be a dedicated override

C - Roy - The legislature did authorize more money in Chap 90. The Governor is authorized to do so, he has not released the funds. he is getting pressure from legislators everyday. With the economy going, I am not sure if this is time to do an override. You'll have a new council in place in November and it would be better for their decision.

C - Bissanti - what happened in the 80's, the DPW were not doing the core and compression tests when they were being built, which is why we ended up with the roads we have now.

C - Nutting - you had residents come in a couple of months ago, more are likely, the only thing that will fix the roads is money. Utimately, the town is going to have to take more responsibility

Q - Dellorco - where are the road ratings?

A - The road ratings are on the town website (see link to be added). If I don't fix them, they are calling you. We are up against it. We have done a lot of work in town. full reconstruction is about $100 sq ft. I am not saying Brutus wants an override. If it is adjusted, we can live with it. The facts speak for themselves. The bubble of the last 80-90's is coming and needs to be addressed.

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