Monday, August 5, 2013

Akin Bak Farm stand - grand opening

I have looked forward to getting Howard Crawford's honey at the Franklin Farmer's Market. Now the Akin Bak Farm has a nice new stand with fresh produce as well as the honey for sale.

Akin Bak sign on RT 140

the new farm stand

fields you can't see from RT 140

bee hives along the edge of the field

pumpkin not quite ready to harvest

If you are worried about trying to make a left turn out of Akin Bak, there is another alternative. Once on the property, there is a driveway that can take you out to Beaver St and drop you right next to the Franklin Glass. You can come out to the corner of Beaver St and RT 140 and the traffic light will make the left turn easier.

Additional photos of the farm can be found on the Akin Bak Google map page here

You can find Akin Bak on Facebook here

or their webpage here

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