Monday, August 5, 2013

Poor handling

Given the occasional visits the family has made to Ichigo Ichie/s, it is a good restaurant. The water bubble wall is enchanting and more importantly the food is good. Their liquor license procedures stand some significant improvement however. For a restaurant open only two years, to have failed the license compliance check each year is not good. That kind of track record is going to jeopardize their operations.

The hearing on their second suspension was initially scheduled for this Wednesday's Town Council meeting and rescheduled for Sep 4. The lawyer representing Ichigo Ichie's is out of town so they asked for the reschedule.

Ichigo Ichie - Franklin, MA
Ichigo Ichie - Franklin, MA

Tune into the meeting Sep 4th to find out when the next suspension of their liquor license will occur. The first offense usually results in a one day suspension with the second a three day suspension. Ichigo Ichie's would stand to loose a weekend of operation following the precedence of prior suspensions.

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