Sunday, August 4, 2013

Proposed Ballot Question: Treasurer/Collector appointed or elected?

Proposed ballot question text:
Shall the city known as the Town of Franklin approve the charter amendment proposed by the Franklin Town Council in Resolution 13-30 summarized below?
The proposed amendment eliminates the provision for election of the Town Treasurer-Collector and adds a provision for appointment of the Town Treasurer-Collector by the Town Administrator, with input from a selection committee and ratification by the Town Council; the amendment takes effect if and when approved by the voters, except that the incumbent Treasurer-Collector shall serve the remainder of his current term.

This seems like a good one to do a poll or survey question on. If you are reading this via email, please come to the Franklin Matters webpage:  You should find the survey question in the top right corner and submit your choice!

The survey will stay open for 2 weeks to allow sufficient time for folks to have their say given summer vacation time, etc.

If you have any comments on the topic, please feel free to leave them here or on the Franklin Matters Facebook page

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