Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Live reporting - legislation, comments and closing

Senior subcommittee working on proposals to bring to the Council

1. Resolution 13-57: Submittal to Town Clerk of Final Form of Ballot Question, RE: Proposed Charter Amendment Changing Treasurer-Collector From Elected to Appointed Position
motion to approve, seconded,  pass 9-0

The language follows the statutory procedure
We do not need to include the actual charter language, do need to send to the voter before hand

Jim Dacey - I am 100% in favor of this
I hear the town should be run more like a business, appointing is the right way to go

2. Resolution 13-58: Intermunicipal Agreement For Regional Public Safety Communications and Dispatch Center
motion to approve, seconded, pass 9-0

Chief Gary McCarragher, I would urge you to approve this
it will allow us to do it better faster and cheaper

Rep Roy - I would urge support, I did use up some political capital to get this
the faciltiy will be state of the art, four communities can benefit from this
there are so many good things about this
I would urge the Council to support this

Nutting - I want to thank Rep Roy, we have been waiting for this
once he got elected, this got moving
the other three towns got this on their selectmens agenda in Sep/Oct

3. Resolution 13-59: Authorization to Sign Amended Regulatory Agreement
Kelly recused himself

motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0, 1 abstained
better to get folks into the building for less money rather than hold out for a higher price

Cornetta - ZBA did approve this in late July

4. Resolution 13-60: Acceptance of Gift – Town of Franklin
motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

inlieu of putting a sidewalk in front of the gas station,
motion to amend sidewalks at West Central St, passed 9-0

5. Bylaw Amendment 13-718:Amendment to Chapter 185§7-Compliance Required – 2nd Reading
motion to conitnue to sep 4th

FEMA has award of grant of $700+K to hire four firefighters with wages and benefits
it took awhile to get this but it is great news, looking to recruit ASAP

sold $50M worth of bonds, about 4% a little higher than thought but lower than the override specified
thanks to Jim Dacey for doing this good work
we have maintained our bond rating which is good news


Powderly - request to Citizens Committee, wish for Bennedetto, proposals all for sale of properties, would like to see other area public services, etc. would love to see applied to other areas of the town

Pfeffer - request a copy of last five years paid to ATC

Jones - Sep 4th meeting of EDC would like to listen to any ideas

Cornetta - as mentioned earlier BayState Dev is interested in Pond St property
some kind of general RFP, solicit ideas not just a specific proposal wold like to offer that idea to the Council

Vallee - we are looking for new ideas, we would like to see something specific

McDowell - we could pull something together for that by the 4th

Nutting- this is a public process and has legal complications, traffic, etc.

Mercer - I'd like to see them go to the EDC first and come to us later with a recommendation

Bissanti - this is a general argument about the general RFP

Nutting - an expression of interest is different from an RFP, it is a two step process. If you want to sell the land, you can do that but I think the town wants to control what goes in there. long legal process according to statue. The EDC needs to put its arms around what it wants.

Jones - there have been a few ideas around this property, it would be good to see some more specific ideas

Cornetta - from a developers perspective, they can come up with a proposal/concept, there is a competitive environment, they wouldn't want to come forward and have some one take their idea to run with it.

Mercer - Bldg committee 8/21 in council chambers on phase of the high school project
7:00 PM

Bldg Committee meeting on the 19th will be discussing the options for Davis Thayer
meeting at 6:30 in Training room upstairs

Kelly - Did see Bob Dean, recently, he was out and about

Powderly - thank you to the Chief, tonight was a big win-win

Pfeffer - Dean College put up a wrought iron fence, it looks very good
congrats to Rick's and Police Dept for fostering helmets with ice cream coupons
thanks to Rep Roy for getting his first legislation through for the regional dispatch

Jones -  the EDC is open and unbiased
I have posted what I hope to be an annual paint ball challenge, all proceed to go to the Franklin Food Pantry

Roy - Master Plan public hearing this Saturday, at the Library 10:00 AM
public comment period open until Aug 16th

– Town Administrator’s Contract
motion to approve, passed 9-0 via roll call

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