Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Master Plan: Mission and Vision Statements

Leading up to the public hearing Saturday, Aug 10th on the Master Plan, I'll share sections of the draft document to help foster discussion. The hearing will take place at the Franklin Public Library, 118 Main St at 10:00 AM.

From the Master Plan draft document - 

The Master Plan Committee (MPC) developed the following Master Plan Mission Statement, which it used as a guide throughout the Plan development process:
“Franklin is a community committed to high quality education and the superb delivery of public services. We strive to attract and retain businesses, both profit and non-profit, that grow our economy, create jobs, and contribute to a vibrant downtown center. We are committed to cultivating accessible open space, a sense of neighborhood, and a desire to preserve the character of our New England town. We support the safe and efficient movement of people and goods within the Town of Franklin, and across the regional transportation network, by
providing a range of integrated transportation options. We are a community dedicated to effective planning, responsible land use, balanced growth, responsive government, racial, religious and economic diversity, and care and concern for its citizens and the environment. We value our arts, cultural and natural resources, heritage, and history, in order to foster a well-balanced community.”

The MPC also developed a vision statement for Franklin:
“To be a vibrant community that supports the arts, non-profit organizations, higher education and businesses in an atmosphere that allows growth and prosperity while at the same time conserving our heritage, natural resources, and history. We will build on and celebrate our uniqueness as a community and maintain the quality of life that is a strength and competitive advantage.”

You can find the whole master plan document here

The presentation and notes from the Town Council meeting can be found here

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