Sunday, August 4, 2013

PanMass Challenge makes a water stop in Franklin

As noted the annual PanMass Challenge bike riders made their water stop in Franklin on Saturday morning. The riders left Sturbridge and began to arrive at the Remington-Jefferson School complex around 7:30 AM. I stopped by to take some photos, a couple of brief videos and managed to see a couple of the riders I had contributed to. I missed finding the other riders but as you can see in the photos, most are all wearing the same shirt. They all have their safety helmets on and when on a bike, they can be hard to pick out of the crowd.

It is heartwarming to see the welcome provided by so many of the volunteers, friends and family and equally heartwarming to see so many riders. When folks can come together like this for a good cause, it is a special time!

The entrance:

In the middle of the water stop:

The entrance on Washington St

coming in to the water stop

the helmet decorations helped to find riders

Team Kermit

coming around the bend

food, refreshments, medical assistance and a DJ playing up beat music

once the riders arrived, they had some fun to find who they were looking for!

Town Administrator Jeff Nutting

Marty Middelman and his family

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