Sunday, May 14, 2017

"they can be successfully managed through multi-year efforts"

With treatment of the invasive species at DelCarte scheduled for June 7 (assuming good weather), this article from the Milford Daily News on the work of other communities battling invasive species is timely.

"Keith Gazaille makes a living putting chemicals exactly where it seems most unnerving for them to be: water. 
On Wednesday, Gazaille and his team from Shrewsbury-based SOLitude Lake Management loaded up an airboat with a couple dozen containers each filled with 20 pounds of the aquatic herbicide SonarOne. 
The chemical pellets SOLitude dropped in the Norton Reservoir that morning will be absorbed by two non-native plants that are invading the 580-acre ecosystem, eventually leaving them bleached and dead at the roots. 
“I don’t think anybody goes in and takes any of the approaches lightly,” said Gazaille, SOLitude’s regional director and senior biologist. “All of the techniques have some level of non-target impact.”
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In case you missed the earlier posting (May 11) with the schedule for the herbicide treatments for DelCarte, I have provided it here:

The tentative date for the first treatment of the invasive plants in the DelCarte Ponds will be 6/7/17, subject to the weather. (It can't be a rainy day.) 

The pond will be closed for fishing, canoeing etc. for 24 hours, but the rest of the area for hiking etc. will be open.

This was shared from the Town of Franklin page


During 2017 and 2018, herbicide treatments will be applied to the DelCarte Ponds as part of the restoration and preservation of this important recreation area. The treatments are designed to eliminate the invasive plant species which are proliferating rapidly and threaten to completely “take over” the waterbodies unless action is taken to stop their spread.

The time frame for this work is as follows:

  • Prepare and File MA DEP License to Apply Chemicals Permit - APRIL
  • Pre-Treatment Survey – MAY
  • Variable Milfoil Treatment – EARLY JUNE
  • Initial Water Chestnut Treatment – EARLY JUNE
  • Interim Survey – LATE JUNE
  • Follow-Up Water Chestnut Treatment – EARLY JULY
  • Final Post-Treatment Survey – AUGUST/SEPTEMBER
  • Year-End Report – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER

Signs will be posted at the ponds concerning this work it is important to bear in mind that ON THE DAY OF THE TREATMENTS, USE OF THE PONDS WILL BE RESTRICTED.

Any questions on this project should be directed to the Conservation office at 508-520-4929.

invasive species in the water at DelCarte
invasive species in the water at DelCarte

The ecological study performed to show the need for these herbicide treatments can be found here

The reminder on the treatments was shared from the Town of Franklin page

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