Friday, January 12, 2018

Franklin Police: "no malicious intent behind the removal of the sculpture"

The Sculpture Park's missing art has been resolved:
"The Franklin Police Department has concluded its investigation into the missing Sculpture from the Town’s Sculpture Park, which was originally reported on December 1st, 2017. The missing sculpture was one of three graciously donated by a public art class from Wheaton College. Before the final installation was complete Wheaton Students noticed the majority of the sculpture that was previously installed had been removed.

The Franklin Police Department has determined that there was no malicious intent behind the removal of the sculpture. It was removed as a result of a miscommunication and misunderstanding. The town resident that removed it has contacted Wheaton College, explained their actions, and offered an apology.

There will be no charges filed as a result of the incident. “The Franklin Police believe this to be a teaching moment.” said Franklin Police Lieutenant Mark Manocchio, the principal investigator. “Art is looked at and interpreted in different ways, by different people.” Manocchio said. 
If you see something and are not sure if it belongs in the park please contact the Town Administrator’s office or the police department for clarification."
This was shared from the Franklin Police Dept page

In case you missed the prior notice, you can view it in the archives

some of the 100 books hanging from the trees framed Ursus
some of the 100 books hanging from the trees framed Ursus
This was one of several photos I had the opportunity to take on the Sunday before the books were found missing.

Additional photos of the Sculpture Park can be found here
Where is the Sculpture Park?

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