Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Live reporting: Discussion only and Information Matters

4. Discussion Only Items

and BICO Collaborative Annual Reports

membership fee, obtains reduced rates for out of district placements
professional development opportunities also available

in ACCEPT, graph page 6 - about 34 students
rebranding and move to new building
18-22 program (page 9) assistance from companies in helping students transition to world of work

BICO collaborative, located down the street
14 students participated
some operate within host schools, i.e. at Keller

part of the team process, assessment on meeting the students needs with the least restrictive environment; sometimes student disabilities don't have peers, so going out of district to get those peers is needed; cost sharing through the collaborative vs private placement

5. Information Matters
a. School Committee Sub-Committee Reports

Budget - put together fact sheet, town is going to be under pressure this budget year; meeting next week on how to disseminate the fact sheet; brochure has a schedule for budget meetings

Community Relations - first moved to this Sat, 10;30 AM, educator award program for discussion at school committee next meeting; coffees and possible themes; looking to have an overall comprehensive strategy

Policy - really exciting meeting, reviewing policies, some coming forward to future meetings
Monday, 1/22, 7:00 Snow date of Feb 6th

Transportation - question raised on how many students did take use of the emergency busing program

Public Schools Advocacy - forum first Feb meeting Feb 16? - Spilka, Roy, Ross invited, to be held at Lecture Hall; getting info out to community

Joint PCC - data gathering on equity; fabric fund raising

Substance Abuse Task Force - Feb 27 next meeting

School Wellness Advisory Council [SWAC] - discussing student use of technologies; revision of the wellness policy coming to the Policy committee before coming to the SchComm; working on the BOXX program for consistency, looking at high needs students to see how many of them are participating

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