Saturday, January 13, 2018

In the News: Franklin students play in Central District honors concert; missing art mystery solved

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:
"Sixteen Franklin High School musicians are scheduled to play at Mechanics Hall in Worcester on the evening of Saturday, Jan. 13, as part of the Massachusetts Central District Honors concert. 
Students from chorus, orchestra, band, and jazz band, made this year’s ensemble. Music Director Diane Plouffe said about 300 students from about 90 towns will qualify for the central districts. 
She said during their auditions, judges look for several qualities like tone-quality, articulation, knowledge of scales, and sight-reading skills. 
“They’re all very responsible kids,” she said. “They’ve been studying music since middle school, or some since elementary school.”
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some of the 100 books hanging from the trees framed Ursus
some of the 100 books hanging from the trees framed Ursus
"The disappearance of Tyvek-covered books contained in an art exhibit was not vandalism, but rather an act prompted by misunderstanding by a public-spirited citizen. 
Franklin Police announced the end of the investigation regarding the missing art installment at Sculpture Park, and while the person responsible was found, those in charge of the installment chose not to press charges. 
Leader of the investigation, Lt. Mark Manocchio, said the previously suspected vandalism of the property was in fact fallout by a resident who chose to take things into their own hands. 
The installment was a project authorized by the town, where art students from Wheaton College were hanging 116 Tyvek-covered books in the park to commemorate the books donated to Franklin’s first public library by Benjamin Franklin. They plan to redo the project in the spring, along with two other sculptures."

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