Monday, January 8, 2018

Franklin, MA: Town Council - Goals Workshop - Jan 10, 2018

The Town Council meeting scheduled for Wednesday, Jan 10, 2018 is to be a workshop on goals for 2018/2019.

The meeting will be held in the 3rd floor training room. In this location, it is not usually broadcast by Franklin TV. I will have my recording device and assuming all works well technically, I'll share the audio after the meeting.


  • Annual Capital Plan - Council subcommittee to review shortly
  • Annual Operating Budget - Large shortfall projected for FY 19
  • Review/update/adopt Fiscal Policies - Budget Committee to review
  • Continue to ask for OPEB options with state officials
  • Determine Sewer rate increase for FY 19
  • Determine Water rate increase for FY 19
  • Explore new revenue options

Economic Development - I suggest a separate workshop

  • Continue to look at downtown redevelopment
  • MBTA parking Lot
  • Cultural District Marketing Plan
  • Zoning - R-7, C-1, "over 55", inclusionary, lot lines, other zoning issues
  • Marijuana tax - increase from 2 to 3%


  • Transfer/Recycling Center improvements when land transfer complete
  • Review Police Station space - Commence study in 2019
  • Future of Red Brick School - Charter School pulled building permit.
  • Future of Old South Meeting House
  • Implement Preventative Maintenance (PM) for Facilities


  • Road Funding
  • Fund sidewalk plan for Beaver Street and Washington Streets
  • Finalize and begin to implement Bike lane plan
  • Water - Continue Water line replacement plan, Water Treatment Plant, Water Tanks, other improvements
  • Continue sewer system improvements
  • Future of Beaver Street interceptor
  • Storm Water Plan - Potential fee?

Recreation/Open Space

  • Purchase Open Space as may be available
  • Continue to implement 2016 Open space/recreation plan
  • Continue supporting SNETT trail development and other trail projects
  • Continue on Delcarte - weed and fish issues, etc
  • Develop Bike lanes and Trails plan - Staff has started

Community - Generally

  • Implement Electric Aggregation when appropriate
  • Continued work on the recommendations in the Master Plan
  • Continue to work with SAFE Coalition
  • Continue to accept Public Ways
  • Continue Nu-Style project
  • Transition to Regional Dispatch
  • Purchase 120-122 School Street from Dean for additional Library Parking .
  • Plan for charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Implement "Green Community goals"
  • Adopt Affordable Housing Plan
  • Customer Service technology improvements
  • Historical Commission "Master Plan"
  • Town Council Procedures review
  • Successful Collective Bargaining - Spring of 2019

Thoughts/questions/ideas from Councilors

  • IT security
  • Open Space
  • Poultry bylaw
  • Temporary sign bylaw
  • Sale of Town owned land
  • Other

The workshop document can also be found on the Town of Franklin webpage

The agenda document can be found on the Town of Franklin webpage

Fletcher Field is cold and quiet Saturday morning
Fletcher Field is cold and quiet Saturday morning

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