Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Live reporting: Workshop - (part 3)

Recreation/Open Space

  • Purchase Open Space as may be available
a placeholder as opportunity arises

  • Continue to implement 2016 Open space/recreation plan
subject to funding

  • Continue supporting SNETT trail development and other trail projects
CSX not cooperative about the land on the corner of Cottage/Union
rail still has an active branch to industrial park

  • Continue on Delcarte - weed and fish issues, etc
continue to fund weed control, Master Plan for conservation ongoing
will require capital funding
Conservation doing a full study of all lands, 61a and 61b lands under review
playground always being used

  • Develop Bike lanes and Trails plan - Staff has started

Community - Generally

  • Implement Electric Aggregation when appropriate
still looking but haven't been able to get under a penny than general rates
there will be a supply demand problem and that may help provide an oppotunity

  • Continued work on the recommendations in the Master Plan
  • Continue to work with SAFE Coalition
  • Continue to accept Public Ways
a struggle with unaccepted public ways, keeping up with new ones but the older ones, esp if a new survey is required costs money; folks have been on streets where the builder left things unfinished

  • Continue Nu-Style project
did get one proposal via RFP, still evaluating their options could hear by end of month

  • Transition to Regional Dispatch

  • Purchase 120-122 School Street from Dean for additional Library Parking 
if comes up for sale, would be good to obtain
the 'parking lot' across the street actually is leased from Dean

  • Plan for charging stations for electric vehicles
looking for grants

  • Implement "Green Community goals"
looking for grants

  • Adopt Affordable Housing Plan
required every 5-6 years, proposal for adoption by Council

  • Customer Service technology improvements
continuing the e-permitting, inspections, Board of Health items
one day liquor license, other similar items under consideration

  • Historical Commission "Master Plan"
how do we get the Museum to the next level? may need some funding to further developed and cataloged, volunteers would have direction on what to be required
siding for Museum, back and side this year, then next year, need a crane to get to the cupola to do that

  • Town Council Procedures review
first meeting tonight, a couple of meetings required to finish up and bring to Council

  • Successful Collective Bargaining - Spring of 2019
what is the fiscal position of the Town? and how does that drive the negotiations? better communication will help to avoid issues, how would the three year deal be structured and still be fair to the employees; through joint budget committee

Legislators coming to the Community Forum Feb 13 at High School, another meeting still to be done, jointly done with Town Council and School Committee

Thoughts/questions/ideas from Councilors

  • IT security
looking to leverage more of the skills and abilities of the community
get a presentation from the IT on what they are doing

  • Open Space
Conservation does well with what they have but it is not 'open space'
get a presentation from Conservation on what is being done
never did the Community Preservation Act (CPA) so we are limited by what money we have

  • Poultry bylaw
we get so many chicken complaints it is unbelieveable
Ag Comm had met, can have the discussion
the regulations are already there, it makes it sense to get poultry out of the live stock zoning and it can be easy 

  • Temporary sign bylaw
looking to address the current ban on temporary signs
had been expanded, previously had been totally restricted
send to EDC

  • Sale of Town owned land
send to EDC

  • Other
motion to adjourn, seconded, passed 8-0

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