Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Recovery Yoga offered by SAFE Coalition and Sacred Tree Yoga Studio

The SAFE Coalition, in partnership with Sacred Tree Yoga Studio and Wellness Center announces FREE Recovery Yoga to all those struggling with Substance Use Disorder.

Sessions will run every Friday night beginning Friday December 22nd with two offerings each Friday night.

Sacred Tree Yoga Studio and Wellness Center
65 Holbrook Street, Suite 110
Norfolk, MA 02056

1. “Heart with Hope Restorative Yoga” is for Parents and Loved Ones at 5:30 – 6:30 PM. Heart with Hope Restorative Yoga is for parents and loved ones of those who suffer from the disease of addiction. This practice slows down the body and mind through passive movement while using props for support. Receive nurturing, comfort, inspirations, insights, and tools for daily living during a series of restorative poses that are supported with bolsters, blocks, straps, sandbags, blankets, and pillows. All props are provided. Honor yourself by allowing the physical, mental, and spiritual body to integrate and heal through relaxation and restoration.
Please join us!

2. “Yoga for Recovery” is for those in recovery from Substance Use Disorder at 7:00 – 8:00 PM Yoga for Recovery explores the parallels between yoga and the twelve-step path weaving together a tool for enhanced healing. This integrative practice offers breathing, stretching, inspiration, relaxation, and meditation while offering support for self-forgiveness, self-love, and self-care on the road of recovery. Absolutely no yoga experience is required. Dress comfortably. All props are provided. Come with an open mind and open heart for an opportunity that can improve the moment with a supportive community where people help people.

Please join us!

Recovery Yoga offered by SAFE Coalition and Sacred Tree Yoga Studio

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