Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Live reporting: Workshop - (Part 2)


  • Transfer/Recycling Center improvements when land transfer complete
est $3M needed to revamp per prior planning after the land transfer goes through, engineering study needed to determine remaining cap
Citizens committee had been driver of this

  • Review Police Station space - Commence study in 2019
could go live Jan 2019
police station was built in 91, current use has outgrown space, dispatch center will take some use, need architect to determine need and plan for redesign, perhaps a small addition, reconfiguring space internally

  • Future of Red Brick School - Charter School pulled building permit.
Charter to build up on Washington St, school to be build as prefab, so it might go quick but wouldn't be open until Sep 2019(?); with Charter no longer using, what would be the use for the building?

  • Future of Old South Meeting House
ADA upgrades would be price prohibitive
no real valid use for the facility currently
maintain for time being, unless someone has a use for it

  • Implement Preventative Maintenance (PM) for Facilities
Norwood HS had the same pipe burst over the principals office like we did, it is a design issue and the contractor covered it

Keller Sullivan sprinkler head prior time will spill dirty water
Library spilled clean water
cold weather protocol costs for heat but is better than a pipe burst
custodial staff has lots of coverage late and weekends
2 of the last 3 breaks happened while facilities personnel were standing there
both dry and wet systems, mostly per code requirements


  • Road Funding
always a problem, no regular funding source, backlog continues to grow

  • Fund sidewalk plan for Beaver Street and Washington Streets
from 140 to the beach desired
Washington St from 495 to Coles
looking to follow the sequence defined in the Master Plan

  • Finalize and begin to implement Bike lane plan
looking to expand bike lanes as road gets done over, the cost is in striping
i.e. Pond St shift of lines to create a lane where it makes sense
Pleasant, Chestnut, Pond, streets to connect to the center of town
  • Water - Continue Water line replacement plan, Water Treatment Plant, Water Tanks, other improvements
(recall the DPW presentation from Dec 17)
in mediation
  • Continue sewer system improvements
  • Future of Beaver Street interceptor
  • Storm Water Plan - Potential fee?

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