Thursday, November 11, 2021

Next 50+ Jobseekers Session - Nov 23

This morning we held our first session of the program. We discussed Ageism.

The next session discusses Assessments.

We talk about why you need to know about them; why companies often require them; why you should consider taking an assessment before commencing your job search.


Session 2: Assessments!

Tuesday November 23rd: 10 am – 12 pm

Join us as we discuss hiring assessments and personality tests. You'll even have the chance to take a couple of assessments and decide for yourself whether they work.


Why you need to know about this: Completing a self-assessment before applying for jobs can help your job-search. Knowing yourself -- your values and preferences -- enables you to set realistic career goals and ultimately land the job you want. Assessments may be optional for many companies, but they are a necessity for the modern job seeker.


Start your journey towards self-realization, re-invention and transformation


1.      Ageism

2.      Assessments

3.      Networking Introductions

4.      STAR/PAR Sto

5.      Resumes Part 1: Summary & Formatting

6.      Resumes Part 2 Experience Section

7.      LinkedIn Part 1: Your Profile

8.      LinkedIn Part 2: The Job Search

9.      Branding & Marketing

10.   Interview Preparation

11.   Interview Practice

12.   Job Applications

13.   Cover Letters

14.   Closing & Negotiating the Deal

15.   Teamwork & Getting Along with Difficult People

16.   Job Success

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Next 50+ Jobseekers Session - Nov 23
Next 50+ Jobseekers Session - Nov 23

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