Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Recap: newly elected School Committee organizes; gets started with light agenda and Executive Session

Quick Recap:
  • The new School Committee organized itself by voting in Denise Spencer as Chair and Elise Stokes as Vice-Chair
  • Multiple Citizen Comments, a variety this time; Rev Juncker and Rabbi Alpert spoke representing the Interfaith Council; parent for challenging text like "Bluest Eye"; parent speaking against vaccination; J Maciel questions equity of comment time between School Committee and Town Council meetings, vs. student representative comments who get to speak more than residents
  • minor business conducted in this first session, approving policy with minor wording changes for consistency of text 
  • moved to Executive Session, via roll call vote, not to return to public session
  • Note - confirmed post meeting that the committee members were all sworn in before the meeting commenced

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting live from the Council Chambers


The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #schcom1109 


  • getting ready for the #schcom1109 meeting to begin shortly. Live tweeting from the Council Chambers this evening
  • Meeting agenda ->   Meeting packet folder ->   #schcom1109
  • Working out some tech difficulty to get the meeting broadcast going. As you may be aware, there were three simultaneous broadcasts of FHS playoff games, 2 are underway, the 3rd did end in time for this to assume its channel spot #schcom1109
  • nomination of Spencer for Chair, seconded; passes 7-0 #schcom1109
  • Zoom appears to have sound, cable may not, motion for Stokes for Vice Chair, second, passes 7-0 #schcom1109
  • pause to check on audio status, Zoom can hear, Cable cannot; meeting starts on Zoom then goes to the Studio for broadcast via Verizon/Comcast... confirmed as working now  #schcom1109
  • open soon for Citizen Comments, Chair reading statement and guidelines on comment policy; #schcom1109
  • expectation of conduct set for Council Chambers; slide to be added #schcom1109
  • Franklin Interfaith Council - Rev Juncker and Rabbi Alpert stand to talk for their statement in support for #LoveFranklin 
  • parent speaking for challenging books, like the Bluest Eye, as good for education in understanding the situation  #schcom1109 challenge and empower the students, invest in the amazing staff so they can continue this work
  • parent speaking against the vaccine for kids quoting FDA statements #schcom1109 challenging Supt to speak to answer the science on this matter
  • J Maciel requests a podium, requesting change in meeting order agenda; @schcom1109 where is the equity with Sch comments of 3 mins; Town Council mtg allows 5; runs out of time
  • FHS student comments; sports team deep in a playoff run; Mamma Mia this weekend, Fri/Sat; auditions for Central District submitted; #schcom1109; already time to order caps/gown by 11/19
  • Field hockey won today, Volleyball also won today; girls soccer playing now, still 0-0 at last report; #schcom1109 winter sports start after Thanksgiving; conference Fri/Mon, off Thu due to Veterans Day; pep rally shirts on sale (until 8 PM tonight)
  • FHS student acknowledges work to do to ensure a safe environment for all students, not just most; the Peace display was heartening; #schcom1109 admonish SchCom to live up to the awesome role they have, with a positive attitude
  • Supt Report - doc to be posted to schools page on Weds; updates/reminders on policy and meeting process; appreciation week for school psychologists; #schcom1109 Parmenter mural work (pix to be included) ; also to be part of a More Perfect Union show on Portrait of a Graduate
  • Moving to Discussion/Action - tutoring for pay, largely from conflict of interest law; i.e. tutoring by teachers of students;  #schcom1109
  • comment on consistency of language within the text; discussion on use of 'school resources' - possible clarification on district social media accounts vs. personal account; motion amended, seconded, passes 7-0  #schcom1109
  • discussion only items; approval received yesterday to get waiver on masks; discussion on how to proceed among other districts; #schcom1109 ? on how to monitor the unvaccinated individuals; FHS welcomes option; working on plan for next couple of weeks on metrics to determine
  • plan once approved by #schCom1109 would be effective, time TBD right now; logistics and details to be worked
  • next to Information Matters; School Wellness met today, next mtg on Dec 7; MASC resolutions passed; requesting ideas on what subcommittees are desired; Nov 18, at FHS critical conversations also to be live streamed; panel discussion on substance use, and mental health #schcom1109
  • from panel to break out sessions; "hidden in plain site" room available for review/Q&A; discussion cards on how to have the difficult conversation; flyer to be shared tomorrow via multiple channels #schCom1109
  • next meeting; workshop at 6, handbook for introduction to Committee; meeting begins at 7; MCAS results and updates; #schcom1109 job description for Director of Diversity, Equity and inclusion
  • consent agenda - split for returning members and new members - both accepted; one 2-0, other 7-0 #schcom1109 to enter executive session, not to return to public meeting, vote to enter passes 7-0
  • vote via roll call, passes  #schcom1109


Audio recording of meeting to be available in couple of days

expectation of conduct set for Council Chambers
expectation of conduct set for Council Chambers

newly elected School Committee
newly elected School Committee

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