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Franklin TV: We Are Fortunate !

Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 8/28/2012

These days no one has money to burn. No one. Most certainly, no one that I know.
Citizens actually burned money in their stoves for warmth

Understatement: Inflation is not our friend.

Following the First World War, the Weimar Republic saw an extreme level of hyperinflation that made its currency worthless. Citizens actually burned money in their stoves for warmth. Burning worthless currency gave off more heat energy than the fuel it could buy.

Compared to that sorry history our current inflation woes are miniscule. However, it’s clear that today’s dollars just ain’t what they yoosta be, B.C., before COVID. It’s true for us at Franklin●TV and for all of our other local nonprofit organizations. 

The Franklin Area Nonprofit Network supports our local citizens in need – in many ways. The great irony is that as money tightens through inflation, donations shrink in two ways: donors drop off, and the money that does come in buys less services. (Ouch and ouch!) Yet, the great need for their services becomes all the more urgent. Visit the FANN website and get to know (and help) these local organizations. Can’t donate? Consider volunteering some of your time. (Remember, time is money.)

We at Franklin TV are somewhat fortunate. We are subsidized through the cable carriers, Comcast and Verizon. We do not receive tax money or public funds of any sort. Yes, we are also seeing income reductions. Yes, we are tightening our tight belt. That said, in these recent inflationary months we have donated $13,000.00 to local charities and deserving student scholarships.

We’re doing what we can.
– If only we had money to burn. 

And – as always –
Thank you for listening to wfpr●fm.
And, thank you for watching. 


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