Friday, September 2, 2022

Lifelong Community Learning: Badminton, Basketball, & Co-ed Volleyball Starting Soon

15 Tuesdays
(Thursdays wait list only)
beginning 9/13
$180 per person
Looking for a night of fun and exercise? Join us for a great workout and some friendly competition. Basketball is a great way to de-stress and add variety to your routine. In this handball game players will use skills such as dribbling, shooting, running, and jumping. It's BASKETBALL - be part of the fun!
5 Tuesdays, beginning 9/13
$75 per person
This Pilot Program Basketball class is designed to provide exercise and fun for adult women. It also offers gym time for women to enjoy playing in a recreational setting. Be part of the fun! Plan to join in.
9 Tuesdays, beginning 10/25
$90 per person
Over 50 and looking for some basketball and camaraderie? We have just what you want. Players can look forward to developing good cardiovascular endurance which helps keep your heart healthy. You will get a full body workout and burn some calories in the process. Free throw and jump shooting are great training for hand-eye coordination and can challenge you mentally. Join the fun!
15 Wednesdays, beginning 9/14
$180 per person
Badminton is a racquet sport played by two people or four people. Unlike other racquet sports, badminton involves hitting a shuttlecock – a cone-shaped projectile that moves differently than a ball - the ideal sport for those who like to be kept on their toes.
14 Mondays, beginning 9/12
$170 per person
Build your strong foundation in the basics of volleyball. The mechanics of passing, setting, and spiking will be the focus, as well as the importance of good positioning. A fun, competitive time is guaranteed for all!

For more class options & additional details visit:

Lifelong Community Learning - Franklin Public Schools | 218 Oak Street, Room 137, Franklin, MA 02038

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