Saturday, September 3, 2022

Sign up for the MASSter listing for more MA news

Want more MA news in addition to the Franklin information shared here? A good source recently found is the MASSter List. You can sign up for one daily email with a look to the day and a recap of information focused on MA.
"The MASSter source for news and analysis about politics, policy, media, and influence in Massachusetts. Tips:"

Sign up online for this newsletter ->

You can also go direct to a couple of my key MA sources, the Boston Globe and CommonWealth Magazine.

Franklin is not a news desert as we have multiple sources of info.
  • Franklin Town Online delivers to each US Postal box once a month
  • The Franklin Observer provides their views via a daily email
  • The Milford Daily News & MetroWest Daily News sometimes will provide coverage

Dan Kennedy of Northeastern has compiled a listing of the news sources for MA. He publishes a podcast on "What Works" and as part of that shares the listing here -> ttps://

Sign up for the MASSter List for MA news
Sign up for the MASSter List for MA news

For more about the Franklin Matters information process, visit this link


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