Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Town of Franklin (MA): Five Year Fiscal Forecast - FY 2026 & beyond (part 5 of 5)

This continues to share the Five Year Fiscal Outlook for the Town of Franklin as published by the Town Administrator, Jamie Hellen:

FY26 and Beyond Financial Outlook

After reading the first eight pages of this document and with the adversity and challenges we are experiencing in our own personal lives, I can relate to most readers who feel as if FY26 is an eon away! Yet, our professional perspective is to always keep a keen eye into the future. But what we do know is:

As long as property revenues continue to increase, the town should see steady growth in order to work within the Proposition 2 ½ constraints. Without any adjustments to the tax levy, it is critical for the community to understand real estate values are the key sustainability factor to local expenses in the budget. The Town cannot count on a state aid bailout and should not count any additional federal assistance.

FY26 will see collective bargaining return for most school and municipal unions.

One-time federal assistance in the form of ARPA and ESSER funds will be exhausted.

The status of the Beaver Street Interceptor project and other capital projects will still be in development.

After the busy “end of fiscal year/start of the fiscal year” this summer, I will prepare a full five year revenue forecast before the FY23 tax rate hearing on November 30th, 2022.

How can I learn more?

All municipal budget matters will always be posted on our town budget archive

The School Department budget page is here.

Finance committee meetings can be found on their website.
Town Council meeting agendas, Town Blog News, Legal Notices, Job Postings and more on the Town’s email notifications page.

The School Committee connections are here.

As a savings to each homeowner, call your homeowners insurance company to get a savings on the Fire Department’s ISO-1 designation. Many property owners will see a reduction in their homeowners insurance. Just print out the linked paperwork and submit it to your insurer.

What can I do to help TODAY?

Let’s end the forecast on a fun note; and maybe some homework!

People always ask me what we can do today to support the Town today? Answer: Eat Local!

Like many towns, Franklin has a .75 percent of every one cent out local option tax on meals purchased in Franklin. It’s the one area of our “local receipts” revenue source that is driven by consumer choice. Since the pandemic, the town has been fortunate to see most of its restaurants continue in business today. We have also seen an influx of new places to eat out and more will be opening in 2022 & 2023. It’s an excellent opportunity to eat local, support our large profile of locally owned restaurants and also support the town budget.

So have fun eating out in Franklin with your family and friends and ultimately support the town’s schools, public safety, DPW, roads and other excellent town services!

Note: Pages 1-11 covers the fiscal forecast and outlook. Pages 12-18 is the Standard & Poors AAA rating letter. Pages 19-20 is the ISO 1 award letter on the Fire Department achievement.

Part 4 (FY 2025)

Town of Franklin Earns AAA Bond Rating
Town of Franklin Earns AAA Bond Rating

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