Monday, December 26, 2022

Happy Holidays from Jen & the Veggie Project

Hello volunteers, Pantry staff and friends,

I hope this finds you with your feet up, staying warm and spending the weekend the way you want!  I whole heartedly thank all of you that voted for the Veggie Project and me for the Honey Dew awards. Unfortunately, we were not one of the top five.  The fact that it was one of the top ten nominations of over 100 candidates was huge.  I felt the awards opportunity with Honey Dew was a more transparent and sincere voting process and follow up than the Lowes grant that I asked you to vote on earlier this year.  Another plus is that Honey Dew let me know that we can be nominated and voted for next year!

What I do want you all to know is that the Pantry staff, its board of directors and other people and organizations that support the Pantry acknowledge your efforts.  That being said, these are the very people that gather information of the success of the Veggie Projects as well as the other successful Pantry programs. They are also the people that work very hard at obtaining grants for the Pantry and its endeavors , i.e. the Veggie Project.  So once again, your efforts were not done in vain!  The nomination and the comradery of all of you involved will be added to the Veggie Project's "resume".   

Some exciting facts:  
Our garden space expanded in 2022.  We continued to grow in 11 beds at the Franklin Community Garden, New England Chapel built a large raised planter bed behind their new home (the former Fico's building), St. Johns Episcopal Church allowed us to continue to grow in their garden beds, Farmer Mel expanded her garden plots which benefitted the Project and many Pantry clients and volunteers were given potted veggie plants to grow at home.  We surpassed our previous years grand totals.  This season, we grew 1,323.8 lbs!!!!  That's just the weight of what was harvested and distributed.  This weight doesn't include the dozens of flower arrangements we gave out and plants our clients grew at home.  We are hoping to continue our expansion by adding "movable" raised planter beds at the Pantry's new home this  coming Spring.  

PLEASE pass this information on to anyone that you asked to vote for us as well as those interested in getting involved.  We are looking forward to growing again in the upcoming season.

The Franklin Food Pantry and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, fun and loved filled holidays, and a healthy 2023.  

My best,

Community gardens in early in the growing season May 2022
Community gardens in early in the growing season May 2022

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