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Sunday, December 13, 2020

‘An Indelible Stain’ and "Republicans faced a simple choice: For or against democracy"

From the New York Times, an article of national interest for Franklin:
"The Supreme Court repudiation of President Trump’s desperate bid for a second term not only shredded his effort to overturn the will of voters: It also was a blunt rebuke to Republican leaders in Congress and the states who were willing to damage American democracy by embracing a partisan power grab over a free and fair election.

The court’s decision on Friday night, an inflection point after weeks of legal flailing by Mr. Trump and ahead of the Electoral College vote for President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Monday, leaves the president’s party in an extraordinary position. Through their explicit endorsements or complicity of silence, much of the G.O.P. leadership now shares responsibility for the quixotic attempt to ignore the nation’s founding principles and engineer a different verdict from the one voters cast in November."
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From the Washington Post, an article of national interest to Franklin:

"HOUSE REPUBLICANS have faced what amounts to a choice between standing for or against democracy: whether to sign on to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s delusional lawsuit to overturn the presidential election. A large majority of them failed the test. More House Republicans, including Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), on Friday signed an amicus brief supporting Mr. Paxton, just hours before the Supreme Court unceremoniously rejected the suit. This is a disheartening signal about what these members of Congress might do on Jan. 6, when at least some Republicans probably will object to the counting of President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral votes.

Mr. McCarthy and the other extremists and toadies who have signed their names to President Trump’s antidemocratic plot may think their complicity is costless, because the Supreme Court was bound to reject the Paxton lawsuit, as it did on Friday, and there are enough Democrats on Capitol Hill to foil any GOP mischief during the electoral vote counting. They are wrong. Their recklessness raises the once-unthinkable possibility that a Congress controlled by one party might one day flip a presidential election to its candidate in defiance of the voters’ will, citing claims of mass fraud just as bogus as the ones Republicans have hyped up this year."
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Friday, November 27, 2020

A Most Worthy Read: "We walked up to the edge — and did not jump"

Via Mark Hertling (@MarkHertling) :
"This wondrous piece by my friend ⁦@MollyMcKew⁩ is simply the best description of where we've been, and where we must now go. Poetry, prose and truth.  Read this and be thankful we've stepped back from the edge."  
We walked up to the edge — and did not jump
A Thanksgiving message, part 1 = by Molly McKew

"I’ve spent these past weeks with breath held, fingers crossed, afraid to look away, but also afraid not to. To just put all this down for a minute, and take a breath, and look up, out, see again the horizon and the sense of movement toward it that has always defined the expansive land and spirit of America. 

America is a constantly morphing and adaptive idea. But fundamentally we are still, as we have always been, a nation of madness. Mostly good madness — but madness still. 

The people who would build this nation must have been mad to seek where there be dragons — to cross storm-riven seas, arrive on the shores of this wild and magical land, and embrace the idea of living in the haunted wilderness to have the chance — just a chance — of shaping something new. Something removed from the mental and physical confinements of history. 

In that time of wilderness, each one of us here was a zealot of some cause — a zealot of gods, commerce, ideas, quests, adventures. We came here running from things, or toward others. And this strange amalgamated zealotry was somehow integral to our survival, the good and bad forces that shaped us in their conflict. A core belief that old rules didn’t apply. That the frontier could be pushed ever outward. That we could survive against the odds. And that always, always, the sins of the past could be overcome by achieving a righteous future."

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Friday, September 25, 2020

In the news: Gov Baker "balks" or"rebukes" President Trump

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:  "Baker balks at Trump comments on power transfer"

"Gov. Charlie Baker said Thursday that he and other public officials “will do everything we can to make sure that the people’s will is followed through” after this fall’s election.

“A huge part of this nation’s glory, to the extent it exists as a beacon to others, is the peaceful transfer of power based on the vote of the people of this country,” Baker said. “Mail-in balloting has been with us forever, and that peaceful transfer of power is what the people of this country rely on when they go to vote. It is appalling and outrageous that anyone would suggest, even for a minute, that if they lose an election, they’re not going to leave. Period.”

The governor’s impassioned comments came in response to a question about President Donald Trump’s refusal on Wednesday to commit to a peaceful transition of power if he loses the Nov. 3 election."

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From CommonWealth Magazine we share an article of interest for Franklin: "Baker rebukes Trump power transfer remarks"

GOV. CHARLIE BAKER rebuked President Trump on Thursday for refusing to say whether he would commit to a peaceful transfer of power in the wake of the November 3 election.

In response to a question at a State House press conference, Baker criticized Trump without ever mentioning his name. The Republican governor said the peaceful transfer of power is what Americans rely on when they vote. “It is appalling and outrageous that anyone would suggest for a minute that if they lose an election they’re not gonna’ leave,” he said.

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Gov Baker press conference on Thursday, Sep 24: 
The last question Gov Baker gets is where he makes his remarks to "rebuff" or "rebuke" President Trump. You can listen and make your choice. Much of the conference covers the return to school re-opening process where Gov Baker and DESE's Riley are accused of pressuring districts to return in person.

Friday, June 28, 2019

In the News: Demonstration returns Saturday; Supreme Court rules on Census question

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"As campaign activity ahead of the 2020 presidential election begins to build, the Franklin Democratic Town Committee is ramping up efforts to express dissatisfaction with the current administration and to make a plea for change.

The committee is mounting a demonstration on Saturday “against the behavior of the Trump administration” from 10 a.m. to noon in downtown Franklin on the sidewalk in front of the Rome Restaurant, 4 East Central St.

It will be the group’s second protest held this month. The first was held June 15 and drew participants from Franklin and many neighboring towns, organizers said.

“We are part of a great effort across the country with several activist organizations, including and,” said Sue Cass, a member of the Democratic Town Committee."

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demonstration on Saturday, June 15 (courtesy photo)
demonstration on Saturday, June 15 (courtesy photo)

"The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling halting the inclusion of a citizenship question on the 2020 Census was cheered Thursday by state officials and advocates who said such a question could jeopardize an accurate count in Massachusetts.

In a 5-4 opinion written by Chief Justice John Roberts, the court temporarily blocked the U.S. Department of Commerce from asking Census respondents about their citizenship status, finding “a significant mismatch between” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’ decision to add the question “and the rationale he provided.”

The court sent the matter back to the Commerce Department, seeking a new explanation.

Secretary of State William Galvin, who oversees the Census count in Massachusetts, and Attorney General Maura Healey, one of 18 attorneys general who sued the Commerce Department over the question, both urged the department to accept the court’s decision and prepare for a Census that does not ask about citizenship status."
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Learn more about the 2020 Census

learn more about the 2020 Census
learn more about the 2020 Census

Sunday, February 18, 2018

How (and why) Russia Hacked the US Election (Video)

"Hacking, fake news, information bubbles ... all these and more have become part of the vernacular in recent years. But as cyberspace analyst Laura Galante describes in this alarming talk, the real target of anyone looking to influence geopolitics is dastardly simple: it's you."

This was recorded in April 2017 at TED2017. And yes, this helps to understand the indictments handed down to the 13 Russian nationals on Friday.

In case you missed it, the NY Times link is here

You can also find this talk on the TED.COM site

Monday, October 13, 2014

"What is democracy for the Internet era?" (video)

Pia Mancini gave a TED Talk recently on "How to upgrade democracy for the Internet era." During her talk she says:
"it seems like the 18th-century slogan that was the basis for the formation of our modern democracies, "No taxation without representation," can now be updated to "No representation without a conversation." We want our seat at the table."

To extend her idea to an app some Franklin folks are already using, we could incorporate the feedback and conversation into the app that we used to report potholes or broken street lights. Imagine having such a poll and conversation with a tool in most folks hands. Yes, it is not in everyones' hand but access is available on desktop and laptop computers.

Franklin Smart Phone app
Franklin Smart Phone app

For more about the Commonwealth Connections app visit here

For more about Pia and her efforts to update democracy in Argentina follow this link

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Young Democrats of FHS [feedly]

With the Massachusetts' state election approaching in November it is good to see some engagement among the high school youth as they prepare to turn 18 and register to vote. While sports and the performing arts also offer good after school programs, the Young Democrats of FHS is a great opportunity for the students to become aware of their civic responsibilities.

Now more than ever, young Americans are not politically engaged. According to a poll by the Harvard University Institute of Politics, fewer than 1 in 4 millennials under 30 “definitely” plan to vote in this year’s midterm elections in November. This same poll also found that more people between 18-29 years old identify as Democrats than Republicans. This means that election results do not match the political makeup of our country, so our representatives in Congress do not truly representative us. 
So, why should you care? As high school students, we are on the brink of turning 18, the time when we can have a voice in the country’s political system. Voting is more than filling in some circles on a ballot in the gym at FHS. It is utilizing your power to make change. 
Young people have most likely lost their desire to vote out of cynicism. We see and hear about what Congress is doing – or, not doing – every day. We have lost hope for the future, picturing a life riddled with college debt and a lack of jobs. We are not wrong for having these feelings, because our elected representatives do not reflect the young people’s interests. If you do not vote, you will not see change be made.

Continue reading the article at Pantherbook:

pantherbook article screenshot
pantherbook article screenshot

Pantherbook is the website or blog published by FHS students. If you want to see more of what they talk about consider subscribing to

Friday, February 7, 2014

Democrats to elect delegates to state convention (2014)

Democrats in Franklin will be holding a caucus at the Franklin Public Library, in the Community Room on Saturday, March 1st at 10:00 am to elect fourteen (14) delegates and three (3) alternates to the 2014 Massachusetts Democratic Convention, where Democrats from across Massachusetts will vote to endorse candidates for statewide office. The convention will be held on Friday June 13 and Saturday, June 14, 2014
at the DCU Center in Worcester. Check-in for the caucus will begin at 9:30 am.

Candidates running for statewide office need 15% of the delegates elected at the caucuses to gain a place on the primary ballot. Attending the convention is a great way to network with Democrats and progressive organizations across the state.
Franklin Democrat Town Committee
Franklin Democrat Town Committee

"This is going to be an exciting year as we build on our recent successes and prepare for the elections in 2014," commented Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman Senator Tom McGee. "Caucuses are the next step in growing our community organizing strategy for victory. People who were part of candidate campaigns in 2012 and 2013 have the opportunity to become part of their local Democratic Party organizations."

"We have a lot of great candidates running for statewide office," Senator McGee added. "Anyone who is interested in getting involved in a campaign for Governor, Lieutenant Governor or any other statewide office, can attend their local caucus and learn how to get involved.

The caucus is open to all registered Democrats in Franklin, and the Democratic Committee welcomes participants. Delegates will be divided equally between men and women, and all ballots will be written and secret. Youth, minorities, and people with disabilities who are not elected as delegates or alternates may apply to be "add-on" delegates. The Franklin Public Library building is handicapped accessible. Details on the rules can be found at

The Franklin Democratic Town Committee normally meets on the third Monday of the month at the Franklin High School, in the media center. For more information on the caucus or the committee please contact the committee Chair, Denise Schultz, at 508-612-5950 or or

For general information on the Convention or the Democratic Party please contact
617-939-0800 or

Monday, February 20, 2012

Franklin Democratic Caucus Results

Franklin Dems Elect Delegates to 2012 Democratic Party Convention
Delegates to June Convention in Springfield will select candidates for U.S. Senate nomination

FRANKLIN --  Democrats in Franklin held a caucus to elect delegates to the Massachusetts Democratic Party's 2012 endorsing convention in Springfield this June. 
The caucus, organized by the Franklin Democratic Town Committee, elected Faye Boardman, Marianne Conboy, Daniel Edgehille, James Hill, Henry WJ Maddox, Christine Manns, Jack Manns, John May , Mary O'Neill, Al Pizzi, Denise Schultz, Rob Vacca, and Maryann Ziemba to represent Democrats in Franklin at the annual convention. In addition, Representative James Vallee and FDTC Chair Jeffrey Roy will serve as ex officio delegates.  Owen Acton, Gino D. Carlucci Jr., and Gregory Dellorco were elected as alternates.  
"In 2012, the Massachusetts Democratic Party is focused on expanding and strengthening our grassroots infrastructure that helped us make historic gains in 2010," said Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh. "In Franklin and across the Commonwealth, Democrats are energized and organized to beat Scott Brown and make sure President Barack Obama is elected to a second term." 
"In June, these delegates will gather with Democratic leaders from across Massachusetts to endorse a candidate for US Senate and plan for a grassroots, person-to-person campaign in the fall," Walsh added. 
Delegates to the 2012 Massachusetts Democratic Party endorsing convention will select candidates to compete for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate. The convention will be held on Saturday, June 2, 2012 at the Mass Mutual Center in Springfield. 
"I'm honored to serve as a delegate to the 2012 Massachusetts Democratic Party Convention," said Roy.  "As Democrats we plan to organize to talk to our friends and neighbors about standing up for middle-class families and pushing for a stronger and fairer economy." 
In addition to delegates who are elected at caucus, those who meet the qualifications, may apply to be add-on delegates in the following categories: youth, minority, and disabled. Franklin Democrats Charles DiVittorio, Sean Donahue, Ronald Huntley Sr., Maxwell Morrongiello, and Deanna Thomas submitted add-on applications at the caucus.  Additional applications are available by contacting the Democratic Party at 617-939-0800. Completed applications must be returned to the Democratic State Committee by March 30, 2012.  
The Franklin Democratic Town committee normally meets on the second Monday of the month in the 3rd floor training room of the Franklin Municipal Building at 355 East Central Street in Franklin. The next meeting is Monday, March 12, 2012 at 7 p.m. 
For more information on the Franklin Democratic Town Committee or any of its meetings, please contact Roy at or visit our website at

Wednesday, January 21, 2009