Saturday, September 12, 2009

Election line up card - penultimate update

A phone call to the Town Clerk's office resulted in a number of updates as the deadline approached for drawing papers for election this November 3rd.

This is the penultimate listing as the final listing will be available after Sep 15th. All the papers draw thus far need to be returned and certified by then to provide the final candidate list for the ballot.

Prior updates can be found here, here and here

Table below shows the positions available for election this November.

The Candidates column initially showed just the incumbents.
Those who have confirmed taking out papers are marked with a * and bold.
New candidates have their name in bold with -new.
The incumbents who have confirmed not to be running again have been marked in red text.
The existing position holders who have not yet taken out papers are listed for reference to keep track of the "line up card"

Name # of Openings Candidates Term of Office
Board of Assessors 1 Position (For 4 years) Robert Avakian* 2009 to 2013
Board of Health 1 Position (For 4 years) Bruce Hunchard*
Koren Kanadanian-new
2009 to 2013
Planning Board 2 Position (For 4 years) Anthony Padula* 2009 to 2013
* 1Vacant Joseph Halligan-new 2009 to 2013
Planning Board (Associate) * 1 vacant position (For 4 Years) John Carroll - new 2009 to 2013
Town Council 9 Positions (For 2 Years) Joseph McGann* 2009 to 2011
Deborah Bartlett - not running again
R. Scott Mason*
Christopher Feeley
Judith Pond Pfeffer*
Thomas Doak - not running again
Shannon Zollo*
Robert Vallee*
Stephen Whalen*
Glenn Jones- new

Daniel Ballinger-new
Bryce Kuchs - new
Robert Avakian - new
Matthew Kelly (switch from School Committee)
Tina Powderly - new
Glenna Richards - new
School Committee 7 Positions (For 2 Years) Cora Armenio* 2009 to 2011
Susan Rohrbach*
Paula Mullen*
Edward Cafasso*
Roberta Trahan*
Matthew Kelly - switch to Town Council
Jeffrey Roy*
William Glynn - new
Cynthia Douglas - new

In the News - election races shaping up

With the last day to pull papers to run for election this November, the Milford Daily News provides the latest update.

Town Council, School Committee races shaping up in Franklin

from The Milford Daily News News RSS

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cafe Dolce offers catering (updated)

Cafe Dolce, the new coffee shop in downtown Franklin has expanded into catering. Open since April 2009, Cafe Dolce has established a good morning and lunch business. After 3:00 PM, though things tend to get quieter. Catering is one way to leverage the business operation that owners BJ Carlucci and Dave Purpura have established.

BJ and I reviewed the current plan. A meeting, event, or party for 10 or more is what Cafe Dolce will look to help you with. They will start with the sandwiches and salads that Cafe Dolce offers. A customized menu could include food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The menu can be extended as far and wide (within reason) as necessary to create a great experience.

Cafe Dolce wants to make the presentation appropriate for a catered event by serving in fine crafted wicker baskets in addition to trays. Call BJ and he will work out the menu together with you. What is the occasion? How many people? What special dietary requirements are there?

BJ hesitates to provide per item pricing for catering. “Say you have had the Cranberry Turkey Breast Panini and wanted to serve that at your event. You don't need to order 10 individual paninis for the group. We prefer to price for the total quantity of the food provided rather than by the piece. This method will work out better for you in the long run.” They do use a formula to determine how much food per person would be required adjusting to cover portions for any kids.

The catering package can either be delivered or picked up. Depending upon the type of drop off, or drop-off/setup, there may be a delivery charge included. You could also rent the space at Cafe Dolce to hold your event.

They have already served a party of 75, have some events scheduled on site, and others scheduled for delivery off site. When your next catering event comes up, consider contacting BJ Carlucci, at 774-248-4321 or via email at dolce dot 1 at live dot com.

Note: Cafe Dolce is also exploring social media tools to spread the word on what they do and to help communicate with their customers and fans. You can join Cafe Dolce on Facebook here

Prior writing about Cafe Dolce:
  1. My talk with BJ and Dave prior to opening
  2. My write up about the opening
  3. Picture slide show from the grand opening
  4. The original catering article can be found here

Job Fair: Monday Workshops/Seminars: Sunday

The United Regional Chamber of Commerce Job Fair will be held Sep 13-14 at the Living Waters location in North Attleboro. The updated schedule of events looks like this:

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

For more information (and to register for this free event) check here

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Farmers Market: Smalley's Cookies

One of my visits to the Farmer's Market I stopped by the tent to talk with the folks at Smalley's Cookies. The Farmer's Market is open today from noon to 6:00 PM.

Their web site is under construction so I can't provide a link to it now. Once available, I'll update this.

In the meantime, the decadent cookies they sell can be purchased with info contained in this document. The cookies are frozen and ready to bake.

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

For the full menu of cookies that they provide, you can view this document.

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

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In the News - grant money for downtown

The Million dollar grant announced as received by the Town during the Town Council meeting on 9/2/09 is discussed in more detail here

Franklin to revamp downtown

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kathi Meyer on teen drinking

The Taylor Meyer tragedy has lead to an increase awareness of teen drinking. Kathi Meyer is interviewed in this video from the Norfolk County District Attorney, William Keating.

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Other info on teen drinking:

The W.A.S.T.E.D presentation at Franklin High School

Other videos from the Norfolk District Attorney can be found here

This we know


Found via

This We Know - Government Data About Your Town

from Free Technology for Teachers

Friday, Sep 11 - Jack Murray Performs at Cafe Dolce

Friday, September 11th

Jack Murray, a Downtown Partnership member, will be performing at Cafe Dolce, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

All donations will be given to the Dana Farber Cancer Center at Milford Regional Medical Center.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Franklin School Student Population Drops

The Franklin Public Schools start the year with 121 less students than one year ago.  The totals by level of school are shown for comparison in the table below.

2008 2009 Diff
Elementary 3091 2998 -93
Middle School 1524 1478 -46
High School 1622 1640 18
6237 6116 -121

That there are less students riding the bus shouldn't be a surprise. That the 'bus loss' number is greater than the 'student loss' number likely reflects something of the economic situation and the choices that parents have made.

The Milford Daily News reports on the School Committee meeting here

Fewer students riding bus in Franklin

School Committee Mtg 09/08/09

The collection of live reporting posts from the School Committee meeting of Tuesday, Sep 8th can be found here

Live reporting - Superintendents report
Live reporting - Action Items
Live reporting - Discussion only items
Live reporting - SIP Franklin High
Live reporting - SIP Annie Sullivan
Live reporting - SIP Remington
Live reporting - Presentations (School Improvement...
Live reporting - School Committee 9/8/09

Did you know?

How do you Remember the Warning Signs of Suicide?

Here’s an Easy-to-Remember Mnemonic:


I Ideation
S Substance Abuse
P Purposelessness
A Anxiety
T Trapped
H Hopelessness
W Withdrawal
A Anger
R Recklessness
M Mood Changes

 Read more about suicide and how to detect early warning signs here:

Franklin Citizens Rail Trail Committee - 9/10/09 - Agenda

Agenda for Sept 10, 2009
I.    Call to Order / Introductions of New Attendees
A.    Introduction of new attendees
B.    Volunteer to write minutes of the meeting
C.    Motion to accept meeting minutes of 8/19/09

II.    Report from our representative from DCR
A.    Gates at Spring St
B.    Leveling of the Trail

III.    Membership Committee Report (Denison, McKeown, Sawyer)
A.    Committee to present work and ask for Committee approval
B.    Meeting attendees will be asked to fill out Membership Forms and send in checks to our Treasurer

IV.    Report from Finance Committee (Rossetti)
A.    Report from Treasurer

VII.    Report of Fund Raising Committee (Sawyer)
A.    Shall we start planning for road race and other events
B.    Do we have the Lions Club for insurance protection?
C.    Do we have the Franklin Bolts or other local groups?

VIII.    Publicity (Dave Labonte)
A.    Distribution of brochure, do we need a second printing
B.    Report on Meeting with Franklin PLUC (Svendsen)
C.    Comments from new attendees from PLUC
D.    Tentative date for next meeting w/PLUC is Sep 30th
E.    Date for Rotary Club presentation set for Sep 17th

IX.    Unfinished Business
A.    Questions from members / attendees

X.    New Business
A.    Update on End of Summer Cookout
        Date set for Sept 19 w/the 20th as the Rain Date

Set Date for Next Meeting and Adjourn

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Live reporting - Superintendents report

News you can use.
Previously posted to Franklin Matters

School Opening
Some enrollment glitches, over all a quieter start to the school year, the planning this summer paid off.

Enrollment comparison
Concerned about lossing 19-20% of what could have been the incoming freshman class
The class size is currently very reasonable.
Looking for ways to beef up public relations for the high school.

Q - can we break down how the students were lost?
A - Yes, we can do that now that we know.

Could usually count on 9-10 percent each year prior to this.
My note - are they forgetting that there was mass confusion during May, June and into early July about the FY 2010 year? The enrollments would have been taken place during that time.

Moving to executive session

Live reporting - Action Items

4. Action Items

  1. I recommend adoption of Horace Mann Middle School’s School Improvement Plan motion to approve; passed 7-0
  2. I recommend adoption of Remington Middle School’s School Improvement Plan  motion to approve; passed 7-0
  3. I recommend adoption of Annie Sullivan Middle School’s School Improvement Plan  motion to approve; passed 7-0
  4. I recommend adoption of Franklin High School’s School Improvement Plan  motion to approve; passed 7-0
  5. I recommend acceptance of a check for $554.22 from the Tri County Partnership as credit for Life Fair for the FHS gift account  motion to approve; passed 6-0, 1 abstain (Armenio)
  6. I recommend acceptance of a check for $100.00 from Kristen Redpath in memory of her late husband, Donald Redpath, for the FHS Science Department. motion to approve; passed 7-0