Saturday, June 9, 2012

Parmenter 5K and Bottle/Can drive

On Sunday, when you get ready to run (or walk) the Parmenter 5K, put your bottles and cans aside to bring to the school.

Parmenter - 5K, Bottle/Can drive

Visit the Parmenter 5K website for additional details and to register. The first 150 get t-shirts!

For specific questions, one can email

PHOTOS: Lighting the way in Franklin

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The Relay For Life is held Friday night and Saturday morning at Franklin High School. The event includes teams of people walking around the track to raise funds to fight cancer, as well as a lap by cancer survivors.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Farmers Market

The Farmers Market opens today and will run every Friday through November 2.

It will open at noon on the Town Common and close at 6:00 PM.

Grateful Farm

I am not sure whether the red chili peppers that caught my eye last year will be available today or not. Stop by to see and buy the good fresh produce from the local area farmers like Grateful Farm.

Note: The Franklin Food Pantry does purchase CSA shares from Grateful Farm for distribution to our neighbors.

Comparing the House and Senate Budgets

MassBudget    Information.
 Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center    Democracy.
Comparing House and Senate Budgets

With the House and Senate working to reconcile their budget proposals, MassBudget offers some new tools for understanding the issues they currently confront.
  • The first, Health Care in the Senate Budget Proposal, highlights some of the key differences in their proposals for MassHealth and other Health Care programs--including for dental services and smoking cessation programs*.
  • MassBudget has also updated its online budget browser, allowing you to compare spending levels in the Senate Budget against the House Proposal, the Governor's Proposal, and every budget going back to FY 2001. You can also track spending over that time period for any line-item or any group of line-items.
  • Finally, to see how the Senate and House budgets vary across each major area of state government--from health care and education to public safety and the environment—see our recently-released Budget Monitor.
* This report is the fourth in a series of budget briefs published by the Massachusetts Medicaid Policy Institute (MMPI) and produced by the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center in partnership with the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute.
The Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center (MassBudget) produces policy research, analysis, and data-driven recommendations focused on improving the lives of low- and middle-income people, strengthening our state's economy, and enhancing the quality of life in Massachusetts.

BOSTON, MA 02108
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Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center | 15 Court Square | Suite 700 | Boston | MA | 02108

"offer healthier choices"

Framingham, Hudson and Marlborough are participating in a regional collaborative with implications for other communities like Franklin. Reporting on the results of a study done for the three communities that was presented at a meeting recently, the Milford Daily News writes in part:
Fenton said studies of the three communities show that 19 percent of adults are obese, 77 percent consume fewer than the five recommended servings of fruits and vegetables a day, and 19 percent report leading completely sedentary lifestyles. 
Fenton said that towns and cities can make changes that are shown to encourage more active and healthy lifestyles for residents, but he noted that the solution can’t just be a stop-gap. 
“Simply telling people to exercise more is not enough,” he said. “What we have to do is build a system where healthy choices are the new normal.”
Fenton said there are several changes leaders can make to build communities where people are more active, like encouraging mixed-use developments that mix housing with commercial enterprises. If people live within walking distance to a business, for example, they are less likely to drive there, he said.

Read more: MetroWest towns, cities can make healthy choices - Franklin, MA - Wicked Local Franklin

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Strawberry Stroll Today

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Come spend the afternoon with us today at the 
Strawberry Stroll in Downtown Franklin!
We're scooping up fun and Delicious Strawberry Shortcakes rain or shine!

Click here for a downloadable Strawberry Stroll Map.

2012 Strawberry Stroll poster

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Strawberry Stroll - 2012

Young Artists Gallery Show 2012

June 2012
Dear Steve,

You  are Invited
 to an
Art Gallery Show
Showcasing Art work by Artists of the Future

June 7th

Student Art
    Student Artists' Reception
at Jane's Frames
Featuring Framed Art of  First time exhibitors  
Come view a variety of Framed Art by Young People of many ages and talents. See how a frame can show the creativeness  of a  young person, and also make a beautiful decorative statement in your home or office.

Sidewalk Sale during  
Strawberry Stroll 
Bargains galore!! - 100's of  prints for $2.00-5.00 each 

A Selection of Framed Art  at 50-75% off!!

Jamie Barrett :Sometime between 4:00-6:30
Kai Olsson :Sometime between 6:30-8:00
Strawberry Festival June 7th 

Join Jane's Frames,  along with 26 local businesses, for special events    onJune 7th,  some locations from 4-7 p.m.  (and others later)

We will be entertaining you until 8pm
The Strawberry Stroll is sponsored by the Franklin Downtown Partnership whose mission is the revitalization of Downtown Franklin.   

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Jane's Frames | 11 East Central Street | Franklin | MA | 02038

Don't Bug Me! 6/16/12

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Curious about what's been eating its way through your garden?  

Bring your questions to the Franklin Community Garden at the King Street Memorial Park on Saturday, June 16 at 9 AM, where garden coordinator Chris Clay will be discussing common garden pests and the safe, earth-friendly methods you can use to deal with them.  

The King Street Memorial Garden is an organic garden.

This event is free and open to the public.

cutworm larva

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In the News: leadership, DelCarte, bullies, Relay, Strawberry

Adventurous Franklin teen off to D.C.

Town Council - 06/06/12

The collection of posts reported live from the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, Jun 6, 2012 can be found here:


Action items - part 1

Action items - part 2


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Live reporting - Closing

Plenty of local events, Strawberry Festival Thursday

Waiting on infrastructure study from National Grid

Powderly - maybe the long term outlook would be appropriate but would like to have at least an annual update on each of the stabilization items

Nutting - yes an annual report would be good
on the cable question, we did give them an initial $400K to get started and they are supposed to let us know where they are before we fund anything else


Bissanti - thanks to Matt, Judy and Matt for their work on the Memorial Day parade it was an honor for my father and my family

Vallee - we have embarrassing holiday decorations can we do something about that?
Nutting - we can have the DPW staff at least come up with a game plan to look at better lighting there? What trees can be used? Do we wire underground, etc. You have sole authority over the common so you'll need to decide. I'll ask the staff to come up with a game plan

Jones - where I grew up in Watertown, all trees were lined with lights, there are some issues with that as the bulbs and wires stayed with the tree year round.

Kelly - I think Jeff's on the right path of this, let them put together a plan. There could be a holiday common committee and have them work with the staff to see what we can do

Nutting - let's get a game plan and then see what it would need money wise
I do know the electric service under the gazebo would need to be replaced

Roy - did a great job with Memorial Day, a meaningful recognition
Pfeffer - it is one of the best parade ever, the streets are lined forever.
Dellorco - give a shout out to Rick Davis who will be playing in the all star game this weekend.
Kelly -Thanks to the Electric Youth for coming tonight, it was wonderful
Powderly - one of those things that makes us proud to be of Franklin
there were lots of clean up of old accounts, thanks to Jim Roche for heading that

motion to adjourn, passed 9-0

Live reporting - Action items - part 2

5. Resolution 12-44: Authorization to Transfer Funds – Dam Repairs

Vallee notes that the Council voted this down last year
Nutting - Dam 3 is a registered dam and needs to be repaired
the plan is to repair both dams, there are some legal and structural issues involved as well as environmental
the long term plan is also to put in a playground in the area including a canoe launch
there would be walking trail around the town and conservation land
Could be the premier recreation space in the Town
Have applied for $300,000 grant for recreation improvements

Pfeffer - this is an asset of the town of Franklin, there is a family of swans there
it is an excellent asset of the town, it needs to be maintained and taken care of

Bissanti - are people using it now
Nutting - there is a small parking lot, the pools do contained big mouth bass and other fish

Kelly - I think it is great for recreation, it is a perfect spot. We are well on our way to making something very beautiful spot

Dellorco - a lot of people are using the trails now when they aren't really good

Powderly, I concur with a lot of points already made, because of the registration, if we don't decide the State will decide it for us. I'd rather figure it out on our time line

Jones - I agree that is a valuable asset of the town, if we approve this, how long would it take?
Nutting - it is a heavily permitted process and we are working on it, we have to wait for the permit

motion to approve, passed 9-0

6. Resolution 12-45: Establishment of a Senior Center Capital Improvement Stabilization Fund
creating capital funds for known future investments, projected to grow from 4400 to 7500 in the next ten years. Make money contributions each year as funds are available. You can create the account and then start putting the money in it to plan ahead. We are planning ahead!

If you at the pecking order of the items on the listing, we can see what the others will cost and see how much we have debt available

Pfeffer - this is a good idea, putting money aside now is good
Nutting - can always appropriate the hotel/motel taxes in anticipation at about 400K a year.

Pfeffer - the Friends of Franklin Senior Center is a 501c3 organization that accepts charitbale donations, they have an account for the elevator already

Mercer - it is roughed out and ready to go
Bissanti - it is great thing that we did building the Senior Center

Roy - I am supportive of getting these items on the listing and planning for it, getting it to a discussion is good

motion to approve, passed 9-0

7. Resolution 12-46: Appropriation Senior Center Capital Improvement Stabilization Fund
amount requested, $150K, approved by the FinCom by a vote of 8-0

motion to approve, passed 9-0

8. Resolution 12-47: Establishment of an Athletic Fields Capital Improvement Stabilization Fund
similar to the fund creation above, this for the replacement of the turf fields when they will be needed in a few years

motion to approve, passed 9-0

9. Resolution 12-48: Appropriation Athletic Fields Capital Improvement Stabilization Fund

amount requested, $150K, approved by the FinCom by a vote of 8-0

motion to approve, passed 9-0

10. Resolution 12-49: Establishment of a Fire Truck Stabilization Fund
similar to the fund creation above, this for the cyclical replacement of a fire truck according to the rotation, every five years

motion to approve, passed 9-0

11. Resolution 12-50: Appropriation Fire Truck Stabilization Fund

amount requested, $75K, approved by the FinCom by a vote of 8-0

motion to approve, passed 9-0

12. Bylaw Amendment 12-683: Amendment to Chapter 170, Vehicles and Traffic-Parking- 2nd Reading
motion to approve, passed 9-0 via roll call

13. Bylaw Amendment 12-684: Amendment to Chapter 82, Appendix A, List of Service Fee Rates – 2nd Reading
a modest increase effectively to a dollar a day, $360 per year

motion to approve, passed 9-0 via roll call

14. Zoning Bylaw Amendment 12-685: Amendment to Chapter 185, §24. Floodplain District – Referral to Planning Board
needs to go to the Planning Board and will come back, changes a few lines a couple of maps, minimal changes but required to be settled in July

referral to planning board, passed 9-0

15. Bylaw Amendment 12-687: Amendment to Chapter 25, Personnel Regulations, Appendix A - Classification Plan and Appendix B – Pay Schedules- 1st Reading

referral to planning board, passed 9-0
this sets the salary range but does not affect the actual salary of any particular employee

Live reporting - action items - part 1

Senators Spilka and Ross – Budget Update
postponed until the next meeting (Jun 20th)


1. Resolution 12-25: Order of Layout, Acceptance, and Taking of Beaver Court, Mark’s Way and J.R.’S Lane and Order of Taking (Extinguishment) of Related Right-of-Way Over Abutting Town-Owned-Land

Pfeffer talks of this as a win-win situation
These are short streets

motion to approve, passed 9-0

2. Resolution 12-41: Appropriation:Roads/Sidewalks/Drainage/Stormwater/Infrastructure
FinCom recommended by a vote of 8-0; amounts as specified in doc from the FinCom meeting

Due to the good fortunes from an excess in the snow and ice account and an increase in the free cash, we have some extra funds available

Appropriated from this year's funding but the work will be done next year

motion to approve, passed 9-0

3. Resolution 12-42: Authorization for DPW Garage/Storage Building
Transfer of surplus funds as accounted for during the FinCom meeting

Appropriated money earlier this year to demolish the old build for structural issues, space is also being lost with the new high school - did get three estimates for this type of building, located at Fisher St (not Hayward)

want to get the building up, could add heaters and blowers later but don't want to do so now to avoid an increase in cost

motion to approve, passed 9-0

4. Resolution 12-43: Authorization to Transfer Funds – Davis Thayer Study
The need has been there for many years, this authorization for an architect to do the study to get estimates for the renovations necessary

Jones - question for Councilor Roy
Roy - Thayer was space that would be needed by the district

Nutting - the TC did authorize money to remove the portable class rooms as they are getting old

motion to approve, passed 9-0

Live reporting - Town Council - June 6, 2012

Present: Mercer, Dellorco, Kelly, Powderly, Vallee, Pfeffer, Jones, Bissanti, Roy
Absent: none

May 2, 2012, May 16, 2012

motion to approve minutes, addition of a request to
passed 9-0

This meeting is being recorded by Verizon, Comcast, and Franklin Matters

Franklin School for the Performing Arts "Electric Youth" group performs
Rae Lynn Mercer introduces the group

Council Chairman Bob Vallee reads and then presents the proclamation to Rae Lynn

Ken Norman, apologies for the poor video broadcast of the high school graduation. It was recorded and will be rebroadcast.

Franklin Disability Commission - Deborah Bean
motion to approve, passed 9-0

Joint Appointment of Planning Board Member - Brian Lyra, Jeffrey T. Harris, Douglas Hartnett, Greg Rondeau
selection by hand raising
Lyra - 0
Harris - 1
Harnett - 2
Rondeau - 6

Joint Appointment of Member of the Board of Assessors - John Neas
motion to approve, passed 9-0



Franklin Food Pantry: Volunteer Opportunities

Heavy Lifting/Driving Volunteers Needed
The Franklin Food Pantry is looking for a few volunteers for some very heavy lifting/van driving tasks.  One of the regular opportunities is twice a month we drive our van down to Taunton to pick up our Greater Boston Food Bank orders.  These orders can range between 2,000-3,000 pounds and have to be manually loaded from the dock into the back of the van, case by case.  We have to be in Taunton on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 12:30 and the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 10:30.  We usually leave Franklin about 1 hour before the scheduled pickup time to arrive  in Taunton a little early.  We do usually have volunteers back at the Pantry to help unload the van.  We do have a van that we use, but if you have, or know someone who has, a truck with a lift for the dock so they can drive the forklift straight in that is much easier.  We are looking for someone who is willing to commit to either one of the pickups or both on a regular basis. 

Some other opportunities that we are looking for volunteers for would be on a less consistent basis.  Sometimes we get calls from local businesses with donations that we need to go pick up that day.  One of these businesses is Garelick Farms.  They will email us in the morning to let us know that they have product available and we would need to get there that day.  Fresh dairy products are not easily obtained at the Franklin Food Pantry, so when we are offered milk, yogurt, cream, etc., it is greatly appreciated by our Clients.  We use our van to pick up the items, and usually each crate weighs up to 40 pounds so it is heavy lifting into the van and then unloading at the Pantry and stocking the refrigerators with the product. 

Thank you for considering the Franklin Food Pantry for your volunteering opportunities.  These opportunities are normally performed Tuesday-Friday between 9:00am-1:00pm.  We ask that no one under the age of 18 respond as there will often be Clients in the Pantry and we don't have student volunteers when the Clients are here.  Also we ask that you be prepared to sign a confidentiality agreement as a volunteer and also have a safe driving record and a valid driving license as we may have to included you as a driver on our van's insurance policy.

Again, there is a lot of heavy lifting, stairs, etc. involved with this opportunity and if you know of anyone or a company that may be willing to help out, especially if they have a small truck that the forklift can load directly onto at the Greater Boston Food Bank, then please forward them this request or have them contact me directly.

Farmer's Market Volunteers Needed

The Franklin Food Pantry has received a grant that offers any SNAP (food stamp) recipient to double their money at the Franklin Farmer's Market every Friday from June 8, 2012 through November 2, 2012.  We are looking to fill slots from 11:30am-6:00pm every Friday at the Franklin Town Common.  The volunteers would help the clients process their transaction on the handheld EBT terminal (easy training), and also we will provide other documentation if anyone is looking for information on the Food Pantry, SNAP, WIC, etc.  There are times when it is very slow and I will try to have 2 volunteers at all times so there is someone to talk to and if someone needs to leave for a moment there is someone else there at the table.  The table will be next to Grateful Farms and one of our Board members will be at their table so any questions or concerns can be handled immediately by a Franklin Food Pantry Board member.  Also the volunteers may have to stop at the Pantry prior to arriving at the common to pick up the tables, chairs, canopy, documentation, vouchers, terminal, cooler with waters, etc., and and then help set up and later break down the table, chairs and canopy.  The volunteers would have to be adults, we ask that no one under the age of 18 be at the table at any time and they will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.  This is a very private situation for a lot of families and confidentiality is very important.  Also it is very important for the volunteers to know that the market opens rain or shine, hot or cold weather, and should always plan accordingly.  Volunteers should be willing to work 1-2 Fridays per month for a minimum of 3-6 hours.

Thank you again. 


Linda Sottile

Franklin Food Pantry

(508) 528-3115