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FHS Cross County results from the MSTCA Frank Mooney XC Invitational - Nov 5, 2022

MSTCA Frank Mooney XC Invitational  Nov 5, 2022

Wrentham Developmental Center, Emerald Street, Wrentham, MA, USA

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Team Results

Frosh Boys (Large Schools) 5 Franklin Spread 0:52

Sophomore Boys (Large schools) 14 Franklin Spread 3:04

Junior Girls (Large Schools) 5 Franklin Spread 4:22

Junior Boys (Large Schools) 4 Franklin Spread 1:43

Senior Girls (Large schools) 6 Franklin Spread 6:33

Senior Boys (Large schools) 6 Franklin Spread 1:12

Individual Results

Frosh Girls (Large schools)

117 Gianna Stoddard Franklin 17:18.1

Frosh Boys (Large schools)

12 Andrew Scotland     Franklin 10:55.3

47 Tyler Anderson Franklin 11:28.1

57 Patrick McIntyre     Franklin 11:41.8

62 Tucker Morin Franklin 11:43.0

67 Edison Eattimo Franklin 11:47.5

76 Andrew Rontiris Franklin 11:56.0

104 Charles Nash Franklin 12:28.1

107 Aodhfionn Downs Franklin 12:29.5

123 Adam Peng     Franklin 12:39.2

138 Sam Diehl     Franklin 12:54.6

142 Ethan Barnes Franklin 12:59.0

152 Jacob Bournazian Franklin 13:14.0

167 Connor Houghton Franklin 13:36.7

Sophomore Girls (Large schools)

  4 Fiona Morrison  Franklin 19:53.6

17 Abigail Baker Franklin 21:21.2

19 Carli Walbert Franklin 21:26.3

20 Emma Pruitt Franklin 21:35.1

Sophomore Boys (Large schools)

24 Jonathan Pink Franklin 17:45.1

75 Rory Teng Franklin 18:48.3

118 Jack Halter     Franklin 19:40.2

123 Alexander Fiorvanti Franklin 19:46.3

172 Manuel Romero     Franklin 20:49.4

179 Cailun Gordon Franklin 21:03.1

199 Quinn Lucier Franklin 21:37.7

Junior Girls (Large schools)

24 Katie Sweeney Franklin 21:18.1

26 Emily Matteson Franklin 21:24.0

74 Julie Bond Franklin 24:53.1

87 Grace Tucceri Franklin 25:40.0

88 Georgia Pellegri         Franklin 25:40.4

96 Maddie Twardowski Franklin 26:31.8

102 Mariana Fernandez-Martin Franklin 27:05.4

Junior Boys (Large schools)

18 Joshua Diehl     Franklin 17:59.0

54 Jason Huff Franklin 18:50.5

65 Christopher McGonagle Franklin 19:17.6

70 Brady McGonagle     Franklin 19:29.8

75 Zachary Sprague     Franklin 19:42.6

115 Jaret Schmidt Franklin 20:58.3

127 Jack Brennan Franklin 21:16.0

Senior Girls (Large schools)

16 Ashley Tighe     Franklin 21:09.6

31 Artemisia Saparoff     Franklin 21:59.8

34 Mackenzie Mann     Franklin 22:12.5

94 Mikaela Robillard     Franklin 26:52.5

95 Sidney Allen     Franklin 27:42.8

Senior Boys (Large schools)

35 Tyler Apicella     Franklin 17:35.1

72 Jake Vaccarezza     Franklin 18:38.3

76 William Boozang     Franklin 18:41.6

84 Aidan Nisbett     Franklin 18:47.3

85  Sean Giuliano      Franklin 18:47.5

86 Fraiser Baird     Franklin 18:48.0

135 Daniel Cronin     Franklin 19:39.7

144 Aiden Orr     Franklin 19:59.3

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#LightUpFranklin returns New Year's Eve for 2nd Year - order by Dec 17, 2022

BSA Troop 126 is hosting our 2nd Light Up Franklin event.

We had a successful turn out last New Year's Eve, the scouts are hosting the event again this year.

Please check out the flyer and place your order by Saturday, December 17.

Thank you! #LightUpFranklin

#LightUpFranklin returns New Year's Eve for 2nd Year - order by Dec 17, 2022
#LightUpFranklin returns New Year's Eve for 2nd Year - order by Dec 17, 2022

Franklin TV: Xmas is Coming! Srsly?

I know. I know. Way to soon. I haven’t voted yet. 

Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 11/06/2022

If you work in the media ‘biz’ – especially in advertising and/or TV, then you know that Christmas media projects begin much earlier than the actual holiday season. The first wave often arrives right after the ‘back-to-school’ ads stop running. Christmas trees pop up in film studios around the country – anywhere from September onward. Years ago I produced and filmed a ‘Christmas Special’ program in July. It makes for an odd reality – a blustery snowing street scene in the studio. Outside? 85 degrees & Sunny.

We start this week at Franklin.TV producing and shooting a fun program about traditional ‘Italian Christmas Cookies’. We’re baking ‘em up in our TeeVee kitchen (Yum!) Food is involved, soooo – Happy Holidays to all! (I have no shame.)

And – it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

= = = = = = = = = =

On Tuesday – a big Vote Day. Although it’s a mid-term election, there are four big questions on the ballot. If you didn’t receive a red ‘Voter info’ booklet –

You can search – ‘MA ballot questions’. The top result link is below.

The MA Secretary of State’s Office has all you need to know*. Big recommend.
You can review the legislative language, as well as 150-word arguments pro & con.

These are issues that affect us at home. Browse & Learn. It’s worth your time.

And – as always –
Thank you for listening to wfpr●fm. 
And, thank you for watching.
Franklin TV: Xmas is Coming! Srsly?
Franklin specific voter information
in the Election Collection

* Find  Franklin specific voter information in the Election Collection at Franklin Matters. Interviews with the local candidates by Frank Falvey and Steve Sherlock. (In some cases both video and audio versions are provided.) 

You can also get inside info on Ballot Question 3 with Franklin Liquor's Mark Lenzi in two conversations: one with Frank Falvey and one with SAFE Radio's Jim Derick and Dr Anne Bergen.

Election Collection -> 

Get this week's program guide for Franklin.TV and Franklin Public Radio ( online   

Get your Thanksgiving morning started off with some exercise and help the Franklin Food Pantry

There is nothing like a run (or walk) on a crisp fall morning followed by coffee and conversation with your friends and family!

Sign up for the Franklin Turkey Trot and start your holiday off by helping your neighbors in need!

Cost: $25 after October 18; family cap at $100
Food donations are no longer accepted as race payment

Registration: Register at Race location on Wednesday Night from 7-9pm or Morning of Race from 6:30am to 7:30am

Dogs: Dogs are not permitted on the race course during the race

Bib Pickup at Race Location Wednesday Night from 7-9pm or Morning of Race starting at 6:30am

T-shirts: Free to first 100 registered runners or you can purchase during registration until November 8th.

Awards: Category medals awarded
All runners are automatically entered into free raffle. Raffle prizes following race.

Free breakfast for all participants
Refunds: Entry fees cannot be refunded

Disclosure: Franklin Matters is a sponsor of this event

2021 Turkey Trot Runners
2021 Turkey Trot Runners

Boston Globe: "Plastic recycling is a ‘myth,’ study says"

"Of the 51 million tons of plastic waste US households generated in 2021, just 2.4 million tons — or 5 percent — was recycled, new research shows.

The findings provide yet more proof that plastic recycling is a “myth,” says the new analysis, published by the environmental nonprofit Greenpeace USA this week.

Plastic, which is made from fossil fuels, is notoriously difficult to recycle. A major reason: Though they can be broken down into broad categories, there are thousands of varieties of the material, each with its own chemical makeup. Most cannot be recycled together, so to be processed, they must be meticulously sorted. Still, hundreds of millions of tons of plastic are produced each year, which is a major problem for the climate: Plastic production and disposal account for 3.4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions."
Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)
While recycling maybe a "myth" that they are created from fossil fuels is the major issue for our overall climate challenge. How do we find reasonable alternatives?

Download the full report for your reading pleasure -> 

Boston Globe: "Plastic recycling is a ‘myth,’ study says"
Boston Globe: "Plastic recycling is a ‘myth,’ study says"

National Weather Service Boston - Register for one of these public webinars!

"Check out our schedule of upcoming webinars including Winter Weather Forecasting, the Northern Lights, and Remembering the December 1992 Nor'easter! " 
To register go to   or this link ->
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National Weather Service Boston - Register for one of these public webinars!
National Weather Service Boston - Register for one of these public webinars!