Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Live reporting - FY 2010 update

What happened today reduced $1.7 million from the Franklin budget for FY 2010.

The local revenue options were passed but the timing of obtaining that would prevent us from benefiting it for next year.

No indication that the budget will be adopted until late June

We'll need to use the Governor's number which is probably high to begin with.

Bartlett - Hw would we estimate the meals tax?
Nutting - The DOR estimated sometime ago for us. We haven't done anything yet as it isn't real. You couldn't use 100% in the first year to be fiscally prudent. There are all kinds of estimates. The Senate and the House have two different telecom versions which all leads to no definitive answer.

Picture won;t be clear on the Senate side until the end of this week, or next week.

Nutting - the telecom is pretty straight forward as it is a property tax, we have the data.

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