Friday, May 22, 2009

FM #39-6 Gov Patrick Town Hall - Part 6

This recording for Franklin Matters is the sixth of a special series to replay the discussion at the Franklin Senior Center on May 17 when Governor Deval Patrick conducted his Town Hall Forum.

Time: 15 minutes, 8 seconds

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Session Notes:

Music intro My intro FM #39-6

This internet radio show or podcast for Franklin Matters is number 39-6 in the series.

This segment of the Town Hall Forum conducted by Governor Deval Patrick at the Franklin Senior center on Sunday May 17th continues the Q&A session with
Bill – education funding from property taxes is broken system
other unidentified comments touch on the regionalization issue

Rep Vallee chimes in on property tax relief commending the Gov for being a strong advocate

Gov Patrick concedes we are over reliant on property taxes to support local government. His proposals for additional revenue (1) the gas tax, (2) the hotel and meals tax, (3) removal of the exemption on the telephone pole tax.

We have over 200 911 centers in MA, CA a far bigger state, has only 4, their response time is the same or better than ours. Regionalization here in New England is a third rail. We have to figure out how to combine things.

Here we go ...

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