Friday, May 22, 2009

FM #39-3 Gov Patrick Town Hall - Part 3

This recording for Franklin Matters is the third of a special series to replay the discussion at the Franklin Senior Center on May 17 when Governor Deval Patrick conducted his Town Hall Forum.

Time: 14 minutes, 24 seconds

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FM #39-2 Gov Patrick Town Hall - Part 2

FM #39-1 Gov Patrick Town Hall - Part 1

Session Notes:

Music intro
My intro
FM #39-3

This internet radio show or podcast for Franklin Matters is number 39-3 in the series.

In this segment, we hear the first questions after the presentation. Gov Patrick moderates the discussion with
Wendy – school nurse vs school based health centers
Lynn – Worcester public health service cuts
Alice – dedicated funds remain assigned to the purpose as designated

This segment has two great sound bites:

One I already turned into a sherku when Gov Patrick was talking of growing up and his Grandmother's saying:
My Grandmother forbid us
To say we’re poor; “you’re broke,
Broke is temporary.”

Second, Gov Patrick on the proposed gas tax: “Last summer we sent $4 to OPEC and got nothing for it, here we are talking about 19 cents and getting something for it.”

The Governor closes this segment by picking the next 7 people to get around to in the Forum.

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This podcast has been a public service provided to my fellow citizens of Franklin, MA

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The musical intro and closing is from the Podsafe Music Network
Jon Schmidt - Powerful Exhilarating Piano Music

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