Friday, May 22, 2009

"We schedule them one at a time"

Posted May 22, 2009 @ 12:31 AM


Negotiating teams for the teachers union and School Committee met for more than two hours yesterday in an effort to reach an agreement on a proposed wage deferral, but they haven't gotten there yet.

"We still haven't come to an agreement yet," said School Committee Chairman Jeffrey Roy. "Both sides have stressed we would not discuss the details of negotiations."

Among those in the closed-door meeting: Roy, School Committee members Cora Armenio, Vice Chairwoman Paula Mullen, Franklin Education President Robert McLaughlin, Superintendent Wayne Ogden, Assistant Superintendent Maureen Sabolinski, Oak Street Elementary School Principal Corine Minkle, school Human Resources Director Lisa O'Keefe, school Finance Director Miriam Goodman, as well as an elementary school teacher and a middle school teacher.

To close a gap, the town has teachers for a wage freeze. The union, in return, asked for other concessions, which led to the current stalemate.

Read the full story in the Milford Daily News here

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