Friday, May 22, 2009

FM #39-7 Gov Patrick Town Hall - Part 7

This recording for Franklin Matters is the seventh of a special series to replay the discussion at the Franklin Senior Center on May 17 when Governor Deval Patrick conducted his Town Hall Forum.

Time: 13 minutes, 17 seconds

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Session Notes:

Music intro My intro FM #39-7

This internet radio show or podcast for Franklin Matters is number 39-7 in the series.

This segment of the Town Hall Forum conducted by Governor Deval Patrick at the Franklin Senior center on Sunday May 17th continues the Q&A session with

Jeff – proposal for 5 transportation agencies (1) to reduce costs (2) improve interconnection capabilities
Max – index Prop 2 ½ for inflation, repeal requirement for non-progressive
income tax clause
updating the Chap 70 formula

Town Council Chairperson Chris Feeley clarifies Max's comment that Franklin if it doesn't meet the net school spending level as determined by the State would be forced to fund the schools from the municipal side of the budget or stand to loose their Chap 70 funds.

Some communities desire to remain isolated and hinder the progress of the rest of the region

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This podcast has been a public service provided to my fellow citizens of Franklin, MA

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